Sweet Munchies: Is it worth a watch?


I will be sharing all the reasons why this is quite a underrated drama, stick through till the end.

Sweet Munchies does not exaggerate any aspect of reality making it feel extraordinarily ‘real’. While some might call it ordinary, I’d say that being ordinary and presenting the truth in such a subtle platter is a skill too.
Sweet Munchies in a  South Korean television series.

The show was broadcasted on  JTBC from May 25 to June 30, 2020. The show did not gain much mass attention and popularity as much as it should have. The number of Korean dramas/films that cover queer communities is a handful. Despite being a light romantic comedy it brought a realistic touch with the emotions and situation being well depicted. The Drama is directed by Song JiWon and written by Park SeungHye

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Plot Details:

The story revolves around Kim Ah-jin, a contract assistant producer, and Park Jin-sung, a chef. Kim Ah-jin is an average contract worker who tirelessly wants to be recognized for her skills and often gets looked down on by seniors. Park Jin-sung, on the other hand, is quite a skilled chef who runs a late-night snack restaurant and loves cooking.

Ah-jin becomes a regular at Jin-sung’s snack bar as he seems quite a comforting person to her. Ah-jin then suddenly gets a chance to prove her skill and at the same time, Jin-sung goes through a rough time and is in a dire need of money.

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Situations unfold favorably for Ah-jin is close to proving her worth and fulfilling her dream of creating ‘sweet munchies’ working. She ends up creating this show with Park Jin-sung. Park Jin-sung driven by tough situations chooses to live a lie that soon destroys a lot of things. He pushes away his love and misleads a guy who falls in love with him.

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The ending of the story is quite a practical one. Park Jin-sung decides to unleash the truth and set things right and not hurt anyone anymore. He did what any normal average man would in that certain situation.

Sweet Munchies: Who will star?

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  1. Jung Il-woo as Park Jin-sung, a chef
  2. Kang Ji-young as Kim Ah-jin, a contract assistant director
  3. Lee Hak-joo as Kang Tae-wan, a famous fashion designer who works to produce Kim Ah-jin’s show
(left-right) Lee Hak-joo,Jung Il-woo and Kang Ji-young.

Sweet Munchies: Is the show as promising as the trailer?

As previously emphasized ‘Sweet Munchies’ brought out the actual reality. Though it was a love story between a man and a woman they did try shedding light on the queer community with the plot and supporting roles. Though the main lead faked being gay his thoughts about the rights and choices of the queer were true. His own brother was shown as gay and that did not change their relationship showing how having a different sexual orientation changes nothing. It also showed the preconceived notions of the society towards the queer and how quick they are to judge.

It broke quite a lot of stereotypes that people have about gay people. Also the end clearly showed how one needs to own up for their actions. the truth is bound to reveal sooner or later. Also one should always embrace their true selves to be truly free like the fashion designer, Kang Tae-wan.

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Nothing comes easily in life but things that are meant to be will always find a way to you.

A short and heartwarming K-Drama

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