We Never Learn Chapter 180


We Never Learn Chapter is a Japanese manga series also known as Bokuben. It is written and illustrated by Taishi Tsutsui. Shueisha published this series in Japanese, Viz Media in English. Jump Comic imprinted this series.

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We Never Learn Chapter 180 Plot:

The plot of this series focuses on a senior high school student of Ichinose Academy, Nariyuki Yuiga. However, he teaches three females to beg a university scholarship. These females were scholars in one subject but weak in other subjects. Their names were Fumino Furuhashi, Rizu Ogata, and Uruka Takemoto. They were excellent in literature, mathematic and athletic fields respectively. However, they were weak inĀ  mathematics, literature, and other subjects respectively. However, while studying the girls have to manage their feelings for Nariyuki. The plot also revolves around the lives of their teacher, Mafuyu Kirisu and Asumi Kominami, a ronin.


However, during the Ichinose School Festival rumors were spread that the couples who dance together at the bonfire are destined to pair up for life-time. Later, Nariyuki meets a girl at the bonfire whose identity was hidden. The story has five different endings. But, each ending focuses on the girl which Nariyuki came across at the bonfire.

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We Never Learn Chapter 180 Official Announcements:

The series gathered huge appraisal from the audience. However, the fans are eager for the identity of the girl Nariyuki encountered at the bonfire to be disclosed. Hence, the makers of this beloved series are expected to release the 180th installment soon. Therefore, the exact release date has been mentioned below.

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Release Date :

The series will release on 31 October, 2020. You can find all the parts of the series on Viz.

That is all we know as of now. We will keep bringing updates to it. Stay tuned.

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