Virgin River Season 2: Know Everything about it!


After the first season of Mel’s heartfelt romance and drama, Virgin river is getting a season 2 on Netflix soon! This romance bases series held the audience with the heartwarming character development of the female protagonist, Mel, and how with time the small town grew on her. Virgin River is produced by Reel World Management and based on a famous novel series written by Robyn Carr.


What happened in the first season?

The first season of Virgin River was aired on December 6, 2019, only on Netflix. The plot revolved around Melinda Monroe (aka Mel), a city-based girl who decides to shift to a small town of California and take up a job of a midwife and also as a nurse practitioner there. Mel wanted to start a fresh and took up the job offer and decided to settle in the simple town life calmly.

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Initially adjusting to the town life was quite a handful for Mel but with time she comes to meet people who tend to change her view of the town. Though the town life isn’t has sorted and simple as she assumed it to be yet she thrives harder to forget the fast and move on with her new life and newfound love, Jack Sheridan. With time she realizes that running away from the past will never help her and she has to come in terms with herself and face it!

Who will star in the second season?

The star cast of the second season might include:

The main cast will most probably remain unchanged in second season of the Virgin River. Most of the cast will still remain and there will be new character entries with new faces as well!

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What is known about the second season?

The main cast has announced that they are getting back to us with Virgin River Season 2 and the Netflix official has also confirmed it! So yes we are getting some more of the romance of Mel and Jack quite soon.

Keeping in mind the pattern of the previous season, season 2 might also have 10 episodes in total. The official Instagram page of the Virgin River series has also shared numerous glimpses of the sets of filming increasing the excitement rates of our audience.

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Virgin River Season 2: When will it air?

Netflix has not yet confirmed the air-date for fans but we will surely be getting a season two and most probably it might drop by the end of the year or by the beginning of 2021, this is just a speculation.

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