Undercover Season 2: Everything you need to know


Hello, Binge-watchers!, Are you a fan of Belgium ice-cream? If yes, then I wish your taste-buds will live forever. Well, Belgium does not only offers a great variety of ice creams, but It also offers a great variety of movies and web series, Undercover is one of them. Undercover is a Belgian-Dutch crime drama web television series which is inspired by real-life events. This crime drama series is created by Nico Moolenaar.

The first season of Undercover was released on February 24, 2019, last year by Eén network and distributed by Netflix across the globe. The first season consists of 10 episodes and it was much loved by the fans. Undercover is coming back with its second season on Netflix and Eén both. This time there is much more to see in the second line-up of the series. Season 1 delivered the story so well so now the expectations from season 2 are much higher!

now we have to witness that season 2 will be cherry on top or not?

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Undercover season 2: Do we have a release date?

Earlier, The information regarding release date was not that much sure as we all know the situation around us, due to corona outbreak the production of many shows were at a stop, so fans were getting worried if they will get the chance to see the season 2 of Undercover or not as many shows of Netflix were already delayed.

Then we got the news that shooting of season 2 of Undercover was already done and it was a big relief to the fans of this crime drama centric Belgian show Undercover later on Netflix announced the release date of the show which is September 6, 2020. So just add the new season in your watching list and be ready to witness the magic of Belgian series with your favorite Belgium ice cream.

Undercover Season 2: Plot details

We cannot just skip the season 1 and directly go towards the plot of season 2, We have to know the little bit story line-up of the previous season. So, we will summarize the season 1 in short. Undercover revolves around the story of hard drug criminal Ferry Bouman which is played by Frank Lammer. we all know the lives of mafia-dons, drug dealers or any underworld gangster is not so easy and lavish as it looks like.

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Ferry Bouman lives a comfortable life with his wife Danielle played by Elise Schaap in his villa on a camping site on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium until there is an entry of undercover agents Bob Lemmens played by Tom Waes and Kim De Rooij played by Anna Drijver. His quiet life disrupted drastically as the Undercover agents acting as couples enter his territory.

Step by step, they started to roll up his network by winning his trust and trough infiltrate his wife Danielle an easy target. In the end, they get succeed and Put the Bouman behind the bars but Bouman is still trying to find out which undercover officers caught him. Season 2 is set right after a year. now Kim works for a human rights NGO where she is doing an investigation regarding illegal arms trade in Syria leads her to El Dorado Ranch, a horse riding ranch in the Belgian countryside with the help of Bob and we can get a chance to see Bouman out of jail and will search for the officers to take the revenge.

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Lina Brouneus, Director of Co-Production & Acquisition at Netflix: “Undercover season one was such a breakthrough success, we knew the fans needed more. We are therefore enormously proud that, together with De Mensen and VRT,  we are bringing back this outstanding Flemish-Dutch co-production. All fans can finally mark September 6th in their calendars.” 

Undercover: Who will be the star? Do we have any new cast?

  • Tom Waes as Bob Lemmens
  • Anna Drijver as Kim De Rooij
  • Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman
  • Elise Schaap as Danielle Bouman
  • Raymond Thiry as John Zwart
  • Robbie Cleiren as Marc Gevers
  • Manou Kersting as Nick Janssens
  • Katrien De Ruysscher as Liesbeth Mertens
  • Huub Smit as Dennis de Vries
  • Lieke van den Broek as Sonja van Kamp
  • Sara De Bosschere as Lena Vandekerckhove
  • Kevin Janssens as Jurgen van Kamp
  • Kris Cuppens as Walter Devos
  • Nina Mensch as Jezebel van Kamp
  • Emma Verlinden as Polly Lemmens
  • Warre Verlinden as David Lemmens

New cast joining the season 2

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*Wim Willaert as dealers JP

*Sebastien Dewaele as Laurent Berger

Undercover: Where was it filmed?

Undercover is a Belgian-Dutch show created by Nico Moolenaar. It is mainly filmed in the beautiful locations of Belgium and Eindhoven, The Netherlands. some part of the show is filmed in Saint-Malo, France, Aken, and Germany.

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Undercover: Do we have a trailer?

At this moment, you can only watch the trailer of season 1 which was released just a month ago from the release dated February 24, 2019. The release date of the second season in the line-up is just a month away so we can expect a trailer of season 2 anytime. we will add the trailer of season 2 as soon as it releases.

you can watch the trailer of season 1 right here

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