Top sports anime that you will find yourself binging after the first episode.

Many people might have a misconceptions about how anime holds up sport movement. Sports Anime are quite a treat to both sport and not sport fans. Most of the following anime not only give you broad insight to the sport but also about the lives of players.Somehow these bring out so many unsaid emotions of sportsmen.

All these anime tend to bring out some similar themes like friendship, teamwork and the power of one’s will. Desire to achieve and passion towards what your task is the actual source of strength. Also these are mostly shounen so it’s often a bliss for yaoi fanatics and tend to give the best yaoi ships.

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Let’s get the list started:


Regardless of Slam Dunk being quite an old anime it does great justice to the sport. The anime came out in 1993 and continued till 1996. Majorly based on high-school life and young basketball players. It sheds light on the life of different students and the situations they come from. Finally united by basketball they stand together.

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This sport anime came out in 2001 based on tennis. It has quite a refined character designs with changed art style. It continued till the end of 2005 with a total of 178 episodes. It was further developed into dramas, musicals and films too. It was successful in bringing out the essence of the sport


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Yowamushi pedal started airing back in 2013 and has been continuing with it’s season till 2018.It is also set to have another film this year. This anime is on cycling and yet in a high-school set up. The story-line is quite a catch in this anime. Not to forget the impressive character development of the protagonist show.

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An anime based on Swimming and friendship so deep rooted you can’t not binge this show. Other than the intriguing plot and character diversity set by the author, the art is another heartthrob. The flamboyance of the sport was so gracefully illustrated for the viewers.

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Also known as Kurolo’s Basketball. This anime isn’t just about about the sport but the unique aura presentation of the players is quite unique in itself. This anime will make you fall in love with the sport, basketball. Its also based on a high-school players set but manages to cover so much about the sportsmanship spirit. This sport anime is no less than magic.


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With three successful seasons aired from 2011 to 2019, this sport anime is still ongoing. Chihayafuru is based on a traditional Japanese card sport called Karuta. This drama not only shows the beauty of Karuta and Japan’s beautiful culture. Also this anime gives you the most exhilarating love triangle which takes this sport anime more exciting to watch. Whereas most sports anime are shounen, Chihayafuru is a shoujo anime.


Haikyuu is one of the most trending and loved sports anime series. This anime revolves around the main lead’s love for volleyball besides his physical appearance. Volleyball often requires a tall and tough built but this boy continues the sport with love and passion even after having a comparatively small stature.

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