Tiny Pretty Things: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Preview and More


Tiny Pretty Things is an hour-long drama series. Ballet is all about competition, but for how long, nobody knows. This drama is based on the book ‘Tiny Pretty Things.’ It consists story of young adults who used to live far from their homes and their loved ones. Yet they all share a rare talent among themselves and fill with passion for dance. Everybody is standing on the boundary of reputation or demolition.

The Internet TV network also announced the series’s cast, with shooting currently ongoing in Toronto for a 2020 premiere. Produced by Insurrection with ten episodes. Netflix Original┬áhas given a 10 episodes order to Tiny Pretty Things.

Tiny Pretty Things will consist of ten hour-long episodes, which will be dropping on the platform all at once as per Netflix tradition.

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Tiny Pretty Things: Gist of the Drama


This drama series is based on the book Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton from writer Michael MacLennan. It is all about the ballet world and also highlighting its glamour and darkness.

It shows the voyage of three girls at an exclusive Manhattan ballet academy who are ready to do anything to be on the top. You get to see different traits in each girl, whereas one is free-spirited, privileged, and perfectionist.

They all have their fair share of drama. There can be seen a beautiful example of diversity in characters and settings. There are altogether different situations when every dancer is both friend and foe.

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What will ballerinas do to get to the top? Will they really be able to manipulate each other? The need to win is different for different people. Can they backstab to be the best of the best? What will be the sacrifices?

This drama is rich with detail and might give us the perfect insight into the ballet world’s fascination and dullness. But of course, with all the drama and we are also exploring various issues from sexual orientation to ethnic identity to single-parent households in a glamorous, high-stakes setting.

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Main Cast

. Lauren Holly as Monique: She turned herself as the Archer School director from a former dancer. She always wants to bring the best in her students. After all, having a great power over the school.

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. Kylie Jefferson, as Neveah: She determines to rise above without losing her unique and flaming approach to dance.

. Brennan Clost as Shane: A boy from a small town who was tortured for loving dance but also his family’s greatest hope. He has become a hot-headed scrapper.

. Bayardo De Murguia as Ramon: A former bad-boy dancer turned choreographer. Usually, students didn’t criticize him.

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. Cashmere Jollette as Bette: She is a privileged girl, and she desires to escape the shadow of her ballet-star sister, which eventually brings out a dangerous edge in her. When she was five, her mother moved her into the American Ballet Conservatory, and she stayed ever since. All she wants is to radiant like her sister Adele, land the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy that was truly hers and remain the ballet IT couple with her boyfriend, Alec.

. Daniela Norman June: She is a perfectionist who desperately needs to land a lead role this year. She has always been second best. Whether it will be a forever end for her dancing dreams by the control of her mother. She can’t help but agree to her mother’s deal.

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