The Vampire Diaries: The cure for immortality is just a fool’s mate to death.



Spoiler Alert!!!!

If you haven’t seen the 5th season of “The Vampire Diaries” yet go watch it or this article will end up being enough dose of spoilers which leads you to drop your interest in watching that.

Origin of cure and how one can become mortal?

witch Qetsiyah created “The Cure” which is said to be a potion, has aptness to reverse immortality. When practiced on immortal beings, they came back to their mortal states and are thus vulnerable to death. 

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A witch named Qetsiyah was madly in love with Silas which forced her to create an Elixir(potion) which turn both of them into immortal beings. So they can live happily for centuries.

But that was not Silas’s plan, on the other hand he was just using Qetsiyah to create elixir so he and his true love Amara can ingest that to embellish immortality.


However, the one who made it can reverse that too. Qetsiyah faked Amara’s death, made a cure and offered Silas the terminal chance, he rejected to ingest.

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Later, she sealed Silas in a tomb on an island with the cure on his side,

hoping one day he’ll take this and they live on the other side happily.

What’s the other side? How it was made? Maybe well be talking about that next time! 


But Silas didn’t took that for over 2000 years in a row.

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On what account supernatural beings are in forage of cure?

Elena was never meant to be vampire, she died with vampire blood in her system which turns her into one. This is what makes Stefan and Damon in the vivid search of cure for her.

On the other hand she is least interested in taking that cure as she is left with nothing to go back to her old human life.

The original sister Rebekah is after is sick being left out, wanted to start her human which includes having family and kids.

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Somewhere, “The original Hybrid” Klaus is concerned that anyone can use cure against him to turn him into a mortal being.

Katherine being Katherine, she always finds her way to clean her chit, here she finds this cure as a leverage from Klaus. 

To some extent Stefan is tired of this blood lust comes along as demerits of being a vampire. 

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Why one shouldn’t be taking potion!

Cure is not as elementary as it looks, taking cure can lead to age you as fast as possible by giving you a painful human death which a supernatural being is not used to.

It can revert you back as a human when all your enemies are still quick healers, fast snappers and immortals. 

Your foe’s can give you brutal demise, your biggest nightmare can turn into reality. 

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Rather than taking a cure  you may stake yourself to death.


As we know killing a vampire can kill whole line of vampires below them, so will it be same for the cure?

Is taking cure turn the whole line of vampires of hybrids into humans again?

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We’ll be shortly decoding that till then subscribe.

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