The School Nurse Files: Is it a real deal?


2020 has been bringing quite a bunch of blockbusters for us already. As for the upcoming drama ‘The school nurse files’ the trailer seems interesting and intriguing.

The  South Korean television series is based on a award winning novel named School Nurse Ahn Eun-youn. It is the literal translation of the Korean book and the title of the series. We’ll be having Jung SeRang as the writer along side Lee KyungMi as the director.

Plot Details: What do we know from the trailer?

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The series is undoubtedly a fantasy drama which is definitely serving us romance with it.
The story tends to revolve around Ahn Eun-young primarily, who’s is quite an exceptional school nurse. She has quite a peculiar power to see jelly like creatures which no one else can.

As the school nurse, she takes it as her responsibility to eliminate these unwanted creatures that might be harmful to humans. On stumbling upon another fellow colleague who has a strange and powerful aura she gets quite curious. This fellow teacher is a Chinese literature teacher Hong who somehow manages to himself having unusual encounters with the nurse.

Ahn Eun-young uses a dummy gun and a toy sword to fight the jelly-like creates visible to her. She is often also looked at as a weirdo for her distinctive behavior that makes her stand out. At first, she was amazed at Hong’s aura and later also finds that he somehow increasing her powers. With a mystery waiting ahead they decide to work together to the same everyone from the disaster.

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Main Leads:

We are blessed with quite a fancy cast which somehow increases the excitement more!
Jung Yu-mi  as Ahn Eun-young, theschool nurse who has a peculiar supernatural power
Nam Joo-hyuk as Hong In-pyo, the Chinese teacher who was a unique aura

Korean Dramas usually don’t have less than 10 episodes these days but we are getting 6 for this drama. So most likely we’ll be having another seasons for the drama, that’s just a speculation though. Since Netflix original series usually end up with having seasons like Love Alarm, this might not be a exception too.

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The School Nurse Files is set to release on September 25 exclusively on Netflix.

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