The Promised Neverland Season 2


All you need to know about ‘The Promised Neverland’ is up ahead.

With thriller, science fiction and dark fantasy as the main genre, this  anime is quite a mystery treat. The Promised Neverland is also known as Yakusoku no Nebārando, it’s original Japanese title. This anime is an adaption of the manga written and illustrated by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, respectively. The original manga and the later anime adaptation both go by the same name. The adaptation was made by  CloverWorks .

The Promised Neverland sold millions of it’s first copies and the anime came out to be a super hit too. This blockbuster anime wrecked the mind of the viewers with a total mystery twist.

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Plot Details:

The story is based the on lives of orphan children with exceptionally high intellect. Their life takes a turn on discovering a frightening truth that shatters them and their so called home, the orphanage Grace Field House.

Based on the year 2045 where these orphans are quite happy and the orphanage feels no less than home. With 37 children with a caring motherly figure, their caregiver Isabella. These kids are often made to give intelligence test’s and Emma is the ace who often tops. Emma not only has a high intellect but also a very cheerful and lively personality and two best friends, Ray and Norman. The children have all the luxuries of good food, bedding, living conditions except for the allowance to wander beyond the premises of Grace Field House.

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The twist appears when an orphan girl, Conny gets adopted. Conny always tends to carry around her stuffed teddy and on noticing that she left behind the teddy, Emma and Norman rush to give the teddy to Conny. Following this, the two kids find the horrifying truth behind the place and are baffled to see Conny dead. They finally decide to together plan an escape together with all children.

What is known about the second season?

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The season one covers the whole escape plan and the dreadful truth journey of all the orphans. After all that they have gone through the second season will most probably be bringing in more to their personal growth and how they learn to survive. We most probably might also get to see these kids fighting evil!

The Promised Neverland Season 2: When is it dropping?

The promised neverland has already announced that the second season will be premiered in 2021 though the exact date is unclear. A live-action film was also scheduled for 2020 but nothing has released so far!

It has such a well-crafted mystery plot that some fans even compared it to Death note. Though the genres are entirely different yet the promised neverland has a well-drafted mystery plot and the roller coaster of emotions.

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