Outpost: What will happen in the Third Season?


Fantasy unites reality and imagination, letting the viewers admire a thought. The Outpost, an American fantasy-adventure drama, is a tale of Talon. The Outpost has been admired greatly by the viewers since its premiere in 2018. She is a survivor of a brutal slaughter of her whole village by a gang. After an ample amount of time, she sets on a journey to find the killers of her family and avenge their murders. This journey of hers puts a series of events in motion that unfolds layer by layer.

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As she moves towards a barbarian territory, controlled by an extremist dictator, she discovers her supernatural front. She tries to harness and channelize her powers so she can protect everyone from the claws of evil. She is the only one who remains of the ‘Blackbloods.’

Outpost: Who will star in the next season?

The star cast of Outposts season 3 might include:

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  • Jessica Green as Talon
  • Jake Stormoen as Captain Garret Spears
  • Imogen as Lady Gwynn Calkussar
  • Anand Desai-Barochia as Janzo
  • Andrew Howard as Gate Marshal Cedric Wythers
  • Robyn Malcolm as Elinor
  • Kevin McNally as The Smith
  • Aaron Fontaine as Tobin
  • Glynis Barber as Getrusha 

The tale so far

Through season 1, every move was tricky to decode for the viewers. The Prime Order has its roots digging deeper and deeper, Gwynn is held captive. Things change at the Outpost; Talon has to make a tough decision and set her priorities right. In season 2 of the series, the Prime Order heads towards the Outpost.

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A glimpse at the series:

Season 3: Airdate date and what to expect?

The third season of  The CW series is all set to be released on October 8, 2020. Clearly, there is more to the Outposts that would be discovered in the third season. Talon has a daring plan in mind that can have its risks involved. Revenge is at the top of Garret’s mind, and Gwynn has an important decision to make.

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