The Misery Index: Everything you need to know!


Tbs Orignal The Misery Index, a convectional comedy game show of America arranged by renowned host “Jameela Jamil” and members of The Tenderloins comedy troupe.

Carrying forward the fame of Impractical jokers, Brian Quinn, James Murray, Joe Gatto, Salvatore Vulcano brings up the vibe in the show.

How does The Misery Index’s gameplay work?

It revolves around 3 rounds mainly but its bonus round works like icing on the cake where the exact Index rating of all three stories sums up together.

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The show consists of two teams competing with non-celebrity members where they have two members each from the Tenderloins.

The ranking based show runs on despondent life events one had experienced which turns out to be fun as they have ample amount of spontaneous storytelling skills at times.

Jameela Jamil returns to her TV hosting roots, 

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Round 1: Misery Lane

It consists of two hypothetical situations the ones with the correct guess of the highest-rated story by judges fall for a chance playing first and winning $500 per guess. 

Round 2: More or Less Miserable

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This is he round where tables can turn because the trailing contestants get chance to perform.

This round serves with the same stories and guess the game of highest rating teams by jury comes along with $ 1000 on every unerring guess.

Round 3: Master of Misery

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It is one of the individual rounds where the players tend to play individually to lock their guess at its index rating.

The one with closest actual guess of index rating leaves with $2000 – $4000. 

Bonus Round: Margin of Misery

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Here the contestant who wins provided with 3 stories and asked to guess their ratings in respective order without any errors.

With this the total amount one can take their home from this show is up-to $35000 

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The Misery Index Series Cast and creators


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Andy Breckman

Ben Newmark

Dan Newmark

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Jameela Jamil – Host

Brian Quinn

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James Murray

Joe Gatto

Salvatore Vulcano

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Phyillicia Bishop

Sue Drakeford

Niki Romano  

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Joey Fatone

Sereene Brown

Where to experience these giggles?

This show carries 2 seasons with 10 waggish episodes each which you can stream on Amazon prime video.

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