The Journey Of Elaina Episode 5: Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Preview, and More


The Journey Of Elaina Episode 5 is about to stream. The anime is based on a Japanese light novel series. Jogi Shiraishi has written it. The anime series released this month gathered a good amount of admiration.

The Journey Of Elaina Episode 5: Release Date

The anime’s new episode will be released on Friday, 30 October 2020, at 9:00 PM JST. Make sure you convert the timing into your standard time. The anime releases a new episode every Friday.

You can find all the anime’s latest episode on its Funimation’s website and platform. The anime premiered on October 2, 2020.

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Episode 4 Full Recap:

In the anime’s previous episodes, we saw how the flower field captivated villagers using its poison. It later converted the villagers into poison. The field united two siblings. They might have turned into poison, but their last wish to be together has been fulfilled.

Later, we saw that Elaina visits the abandoned kingdom where she meets Princess Mirarose. Princess Mirarose has a dark past, and Elaina is unaware of it. Princess Mirarose has a blunt memory and can’t recall everything. She also has amnesia.

Princess Mirarose gets to know that Elaina is a witch and requests for her aid. She says that Javalier monster destroys the city and the kingdom every night. Elaina gets ready to help her out.

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Later, when Elaina was fighting the monsters, she decides to confront Mirarose to help her out. Because of Elaina, Mirarose regained her memory and conquered the monster very easily.

Elaina later recounts the story of forbidden love between a princess and a cook. As it opens further, Mirarose is the princess. She turned her father, the King into a monster as he disagreed to marry her love and kill him. As Elaina was leaving, Mirarose stops her and starts acting abnormal. Her actions have made her ‘The Princess Without Subjects’.

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It seems like there is still more to Mirarose than what it looks like. The next episode will uncover all of Mirarose’s secrets and her intentions.


The story portrays Elaina, a witch. She decides to travel all across the world. She meets various kinds of people and sees all the different places along her way. Elaina enters everyone’s story she meets, and her own story gets a little bit wider every time!

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