The Idhun Chronicles Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Preview and More

The Indhun Chronicles Season 2

The Idhun Chronicles based on the popular fantasy book trilogy “The Idhun’s Memories” by Spanish author Laura Crallego. The Indhun Chronicles has been recorded and produced by Spanish production. The first season of the series was aired in more than 190 countries. Here is everything you need to know about The Idhun Chronicles Season 2

It is the first Netflix anime to be produced in Spain. The Idhun Chronicles, an animation series about coextending worlds, impeding gods, and young adult heroes. The utopic world of Indhun, where everyone lives peacefully. There falls a charmer Ashram and his hordes of flying snakes.

Jack and Victoria from earth encounters their potential with magic and decided to defeat Ashram.

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When will the second season air?

The Idhun Chronicles season one is recently released on Netflix though, there is no official announcement regarding the release date of Season two but, it is expected to release in 2021 if, the series revive next month.

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The Idhun Chronicles Season 2: Who will it star?

The Idhun Chronicles

The Idhun Chronicles is an animation series which has been voiced over by – Itzan Escamilla as “Jack”, Sergio Mur as “Kirtash”, Christopher Corey Smith as “Elrion”, Carlos Cuevas as “Alson”, Michell as “Victoria”.

The Idhun Chronicles Season 2: Is the trailer out?

Presently there is no such official announcement regarding when the next season is going to be aired which is the reason why there is no trailer for Season two yet. We will inform you as soon as the trailer is out.

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Till then Stay Tuned with Series Holic.


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