The Great Heist: Is it a Spinoff of Money Heist? Trailer Out!


Hello, binge-watchers everything you need to know about this upcoming Colombian show which is all set to release on Netflix and can increase your dopamine level with its thriller, drama, and crime genre.

The Great Heist is an upcoming Colombian show which is based on the real incident of robbery.

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Fans of money heist will not want to miss The great heist

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The Great Heist is inspired by true events that took place in October 1994. It’s a Spanish drama. Great Heist is also taken inspiration from the 2008 book by journalist Alfredo Serrano Zabala entitled this is how I robbed the bank: the assault of the 20th century in Colombia. Known as the robbery of the century thieves stole 24 billion Columbian pesos (26 million) from the bank of the republic Columbia’s central bank in Valledupar.

On Monday, October 1994, thieves carried out an elaborate heist, involving masks, tools, welding machines, and oxygen tanks. when the staff checks the vault, they found it empty. The story of 14 robbers follows across six episodes as they planned and carry out the heist. The thieves entered the bank through the main door under the guise of carrying out air conditioning maintenance.

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The group of thieves included electronics specialists, established robbers, four members of the police, the manager of the Agrarian Fund of a municipality of Cundinamarca, and three officials from the bank itself including treasurer the manager of the security system and a cashier. 26 people were involved in the heist either indirectly or directly.

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Author Zabala said: “In all the parts of the world there are robberies in all parts of the world there are people dreaming of sleeping poor and dawn rich.

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Releasing date of The Great Heist on Netflix?

The Great Heist will release on Friday, August 14. It will be on Netflix worldwide this summer it will be released at different times across the globe because of the time difference. To watch The Great Heist you can subscribe to Netflix.

Star Cast of The Great Heist

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  • Andrés Parra
  • Christian Tappán
  • Waldo Urrego
  • Rodrigo Jerez
  • Marcela Benjumea
  • Paula Castaño
  • Juan Sebastian Calero
  • Juan Pablo Barragan
  • Ramses Ramos

Do we have a trailer?

Yes, we do have a trailer. be ready to witness the experience of the real heist in a virtual way through a new series that is inspired by true events. As you can see the trailer is quite interesting and full of thriller crime activity. The expectation bar is set to high and fans are waiting to see one more series related to money heist. The Great Heist is inspired by true events this Argentinean comedy police thriller series is going to blow your mind.

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The Great Heist Filming Locations

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The origin-country of The Great Heist is Colombia so this beautiful country Colombia is the republic of Colombia and derived from the last name of explorer Christopher Columbus. After Money Heist, this series is going to blow your mind. Every single scene and element in this drama is a devilishly entertaining crime story. Valledupar Bank of the Republic in Colombia is the main location where six people did the robbery.

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Is it a Spinoff of Money Heist? Is it like Money Heist?

Rumors of The Great Heist is a spinoff Money Heist is making the rounds. However, we are sad to break it to you but The Great Heist is an entirely different heist drama.

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Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Alex Pina the series subverts the heist genre being told from the perspective of a woman. The professor recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose.

The group of thieves takes hostages to strategize to come up with a way to capture The professor as more time elapses the robbers prepare for a showdown with the police. In The Great, Heist thieves stole (26 million) from the Bank of Republic.

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They were 14 robbers as they plan and carry out the heist. The heist shocked the world as the thieves entered the bank through the main front door under the guise of carrying out air conditioning maintenance. So yes it resembles little.

The Great Heist: Another thriller is waiting

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The Great Heist is the newest addition to Netflix’s growing slate of Colombian originals, including Distrito Salvaje, Siempre Bruja Historia de UN crimen: Colmenares, Frontera Verde, and Chichipatos, among others. The entire first season of the new show will premier on Friday, August 14. That”s in less than two weeks. so be ready for it. The series which is all set to debut in the streaming giant this August on Friday 14 is actually based on a true event that happened back in October 1994.

This surely makes it all the more interesting for fans. While fans are already hooked to various heist series, this one is also highly anticipated by subscribers. Netflix is all geared up with this new heist which is too complicated than one can even imagine! In real life the suspected mastermind behind the robbery, Jamie Bonilla Esquivel, eventually surrendered himself to police carrying 200 million of the stolen money.

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Five former police officers were also arrested in connection with the heist, which was dubbed the robbery of the century. I wonder which actor will play the role of Jamie Bonilla Esquivel. Everything soon spins out of his control to culminate into an explosive climax. So hang on to our page for further updates on the epic series.

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