The Flash: All The Confirmed Characters So Far! Rumors Busted!

dc-fandome-the flash-batman-new release-2022
source- DC

“THE FLASH”, away ahead of its time and domed by several DC superheroes. Not even different superheroes but also different actors playing the same character.

Yes, you heard me right e can encounter different actors playing the character during the movie.

The answer is time travel and gets it in detail you have to watch the movie and experience to have

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dc-fandome-the flash-batman-new release-2022

Two different actors playing different eras of our very own “Batman” and “flash” obviously.

The flash has been marked as the cursed franchise comparatively others as multiple directors tried to show their vision but left the audience in severe confusion.

The rewriting of the scripts was resulted in having a loose ending to the references and sub-plots.

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What to expect from “THE FLASH”?

DC claims it to be the biggest superhero cross over of all time

Based on a flashpoint of the comic version where he was too fast on the treadmill.

In this where he goes back in time to save his mother “Nora” but end up creating multiple timelines.

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we’ll encounter how he will manage these messed up timelines in the flash.

If you are not a comic person long story short, flash is going to blow your mind in this where the return of two batmans is just icing on the cake.

When the movie will be hitting the theaters?

However, the movie is set to release as Warner bros. Officially made a statement regarding it.

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The release date now is finalized on July 1, 2022.

Does “THE FLASH” 2022 have any trailers?

dc-fandome-the flash-batman-new release-2022

It was one of the most important reveals of dc fan-dome.

but unlike Batman, it didn’t come up with any sort of trailers or teasers.

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There is a lot of fan-made or leaks which claim to be original however, we haven’t seen anything on DC’s official YouTube channel.

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