The Day I Became God Episode 5: Release Date, Plot, Preview, Spoiler and More


The day I became a god is a much anticipated fall  anime television series of 2020. The reason for excitement of fans for this show is because of Yoshiyuki Asai. He is famously known for some of his classic direction works which include Angel Beats and Charlotte.

Angel Beats gained too much popularity for it’s extraordinary works. We can also call this director Yoshiyuki Asai’s comeback work after 2017’s Fate/Apocrypha. P.A.Works and  Aniplex is producing this upcoming anime television series with Jun Maeda writing it.

The plot:

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First meeting!

Kamisama ni Natta Hi or The day I became god centres around our leads Hina and Youta Narukami. Hina claims herself to be a god to Yōta, Kyōko, and Ashura. She shares her concern of the world ending in just a month. She asks them to help her save the world and for some mysterious reason all her predictions come true. They have no reason to not trust with the prophecies coming true. They decide to help and Yōta gives her shelter at her place while some people try to steal Hina’s powers.

The Day I Became a God: Upcoming Episode!
The Day I Became a God Episode 5 will air this Sunday, 1st November 2020. This anime gets its new episode every Sunday.

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Previously on The Day I Became a God: a glimpse!

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Hina, God on earth!

The debt burden on Sora, Yota’s sister becomes quite a weight with the massive interest attached.
Sora finally wakes up and Yota, who’s been next to her throughout calls everyone. Everyone came and gathered after hearing from her friend, Daichi last night. Daichi said Sora’s friend has told she fell while running from the debt collector. Later Daichi sits with Sora to know what all happened!.

Sora shared about how her friend Jinguji helped. Though Hina deosn’t fully understand the situation she still offers to help resolve the problem. Sora on the other hand thinks she can’t help but Hina keeps insisting. Later Daichi asks Sora to explain things to Hina and when she does, Hina understands it all. Jinguji’s mother who fell ill used to run a ramen shop which is run by Jinguji now. Hina decides to work on the ramen shop and make it run better to earn money.



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