The Day I Became a God Episode 3: Plot, Release date, Spoilers, Preview


The Day I Became a God is a Japanese anime television series created and written by Jun Maeda. It premiered on October 11, 2020. Here is everything you need to know about The Day I Became a God Episode 3

The story focuses on Yota, who meets an estranged character of a girl named Hina, who tells him that the world will end in 30 days. He doubts her words until he sees what she can do.

Release date:

The anime television series will have its third episode released on 18th October, 2020, on Hulu 12:00 AM JST. A new episode of this series will be released every Sunday.

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The Day I Became a God Episode 3 Spoilers:


Yota is on a walk with Hina at night and is confused about how he has brought her to his house. They both reach to the place where Yota stays. His mother welcomes her and tries to know Hina.

He is surprised to see his mother allowing Hina to stay with them not as a guest but as a part of the family. Hina started to enjoy Narikumi’s family’s luxury, and Yota thinks that his father won’t agree with the idea.

Yota’s mom believes that he will agree later. They talk to him, and he agrees. He also agrees on letting Hina stay with them for some time.

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Yota tries to know the reason behind his father’s statements, who said they couldn’t leave alone a relative’s child who requires help. Sora comes back while the family is seen enjoying their supper and gets to know Hina.

The Day I Became A God Episode 3

Yota’s father introduces everyone to Hina by their name. He introduces himself as Daichi Narukam, his wife as Tokiko Narukami, Sora as their daughter, and Yota as their son.

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What happened in the previous episode?

Hina said the four of them control the skies, sun, earth, and time and she reveals that she is god in nature and reality. She also told them that they must devote themselves to live up to their names.

Yota’s exams are near, and he is studying for the same, but Hina throws his books away. She told him that there is no time for reading, to which he replied that he is preparing for the entrance exam.

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Hina reminds Yota that she has already said that the world will end before writing his exam. Yota thinks the reason behind Hina’s behavior is that she is bored and offers her to play games together.

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They both play a game, and she asks if the guy is a hero, why should he be on level one. Yota explains everything and eventually falls asleep.

Yota’s parents are happy with Hina living with them as they have received a new family member, and they promise to take care of her.

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Yota is gazing at a photo he took with Izanami. He proposed to her recently and got rejected. He remembers all their childhood memories. Izanami became an introvert when she lost her mother due to an illness.

In middle school, she got attention from several boys. Besides them trying their best to win her heart, she rejected every one. Yota realizes that he was with his first love all the time and couldn’t realize it.

The Day I Became a God Episode 3

Yota enters a boxing match with the thought of impressing Izanami and gets beaten into pulp. After being beaten, he comes back with full energy, wins the match, and shouts Izanami’s name.

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Izanami confronts him regarding it, but Yota says nothing. Hina advises him that he should have yelled, “I Love you” to Izinama.

The next day Yota visits Izinama at her home, where she plays piano for him and tells him that she wants to make her career in music.

A romantic eye contact comes up between them, but Yota fails to tell her what he feels. He ends up saying that he wants to study with her, and the world will end in 24 days.

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