The A list season 2: Will Amber Kill Midge? Release Date is Out!

A list updates

Hola, binge-watchers, especially the ones who love watching a thriller, teenage drama, and supernatural elements in a web series. The A list season 2 is coming soon with more breathtaking thriller and supernatural elements on Netflix this month.

The A list is a British drama that revolves around Mia and Amber. the creators of this show are Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier. The A list season one was released on October 25 in the year 2018.

All you need to know before watching season 2: Plot of season 1

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Season 1 of “The A list consists” of 13 episodes full of teenage drama which can increase your dopamine level. this supernatural show is directed by Patrik Harkins.


the series follows a story of a girl who goes to an ‘island summer camp’ to enjoy her summers, mia thinks she will enjoy the hot sun, social dominance, and a teenage romance but what happens is totally different as her summer plan changes dramatically into dark secrets and twisted nightmares.

A list season 2
cast of season 2

a mysterious girl who has supernatural powers Amber comes into play, she disrupts everything as she walks into the camp in a confident, glamorous way.

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Mia gets to know about Amber that Amber is not just any girl, in fact, she is full of dark magic which can let her control anyone she wants. The season one ended with a cliffhanger in which mia being suddenly shocked by Amber as Mia and her campmates left abandoned in the forest.

The A List Season 2: When will it air?

Season 2 of A list will be out sometime in August 2020. So don’t go far and grab your seats for the big show, this with more thriller, romance, and suspense. We will fill you in as soon as the trailer pops.

The A List Season 2: Who will star in the second season?

  • Lisa Ambalavanar as Mia
  • Ellie Duckles as Amber
  • Jacob Dudman as Dev
  • Rosie Dwyer as Alex
  • Savannah Baker as Kayleigh
  • Micahel Wing as Brendan
  • Jack Kane as Zac
  • Benjamin Nugent as Harry
  • Eleanor Bennett as Jenna
  • Georgina Sadler as Petal
  • Nneka Okoye as Magazine
  • Dave as Cian Barry

What Happened In the First Season?

The first season began with Mia going on a summer camp, making new friends an effort to fill the void which her parents planted. Everything was going well when she got a good friend Kayleigh and a love interest, Dev until she met blonde girl, Amber. Amber looked like an innocent girl with an extremely forgiving nature. However, later in the season, it was discovered that she was not just an ordinary with the same love interest as Mia, she posses a very dark nature of using people and controlling her for her personal benefits.

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She erased the memory of every camper so they never get to know that they had been stuck on this island for over a year. She turned every camper including Dev against Mia after which everyone started loathing Mia except for Alex who supported and worked with Mia to find out the truth about Midge and also a way to bring down Mia. In the last episode, we saw Mia succeeding in preventing every campmate from her further compulsion and OMG moment when Midge crawled back to life

The big question strikes: Who will survive? Will Amber kill Midge?

The last season or we can say that the very first season of A List ended on a huge cliffhanger. On one Mia was struggling to get her campmates and her love rid of the weird compulsion of Amber, on the other hand, Midge found a way back to the world of the living. Midge basically dies in a sixth episode (Far From Home) of the first season, there is somewhat connection between amber and midge as When Amber goes to sleep, Midge comes into play and when Amber is awake, Midge does not hold any power.

“I got lost once. Now it’s like I’m trapped,”

This was the voice of Midge, through this, we get to know that she is being A list’s narrator all along and later on the hallucination mirror flashes between Midge and Amber until Midge’s face fully transforms into Amber’s. so we can say that midge is a part of amber or she is trapped inside amber as she says:

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“I still haven’t found my way back,”.

What is the deal with Midge?

Before all this Midge also went through an accident while on her way to find the party she fell off from the cliff and her fellow campers thought she is dead but in actual she didn’t die as Mags and her team tried an experimental procedure to regenerate Midge’s heavily damaged brain and the process worked extremely well as animosine, a chemical only found on Peregrine, entered Midge’s bloodstream during her accident.

we see midge again but this time it is dead-terrific as midge crawls her way back on cliff.

Now the ultimate question arises :

If Midge can crawl back to life through inexplicable and still-unexplained supernatural abilities, what else may she be able to do in future episodes?

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she looks like a dead-ass villain and we can assume that this time both Mia and Amber will have to make an unpretty alliance to kill Midge”a new villain is born” with more powers.

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