Task Master is the new Anti-Hero in Black Widow

Black Widow Vs Task Master

Hello Marvel zombies, Scarlett Johansson’s aka Natasha Romanoff aka black widow is all set to be set on by this year, supposing for no further delay due to pandemic crisis. But did you know whose under that noxious mask? Well, rumors of Task Master to be the deadliest villain of Marvel phase four is making the rounds.

Task Master: Know the Villain!

Task Master has a history in marvel cinematic multiverse but in comics, Taskmaster is Anthony ‘Tony’ Masters, a Brooklyn-born merc with ‘photographic reflexes’. Able to repossess every physical ability of anybody he watches, Masters used his skills to train criminals in acrobatics and fighting styles, with the aspiration of selling the highly trained bootlegs to the highest bidder.

After multiplying his business and training assassins, he became Taskmaster, an iconic skull mask and white hood and cape combo is the icon of Task Master, if you see anything like this near you just run, Whether Black Widow follows the same origin story for their on-screen version will be seen but being the man under the mask – but the real question is whether Taskmaster will survive the events of Black Widow and progress towards his intention.

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Black Widow: Is Captain America on board?

Task Master developed his character by his special skills of clowning anyone in a fraction of seconds, he has also engaged with a battle with two Captain America’s. Tragically, none of Taskmaster’s rehabilitation as an antihero works on Captain’s, but they consider him to be the same villain he always was especially as he’s fighting for hydra and potentially be fulfill as a force for good.

There’s always a conflict between the characters who relished his time as a hero in the comics, before being reduced back to criminal status by heroes who couldn’t believe he had reformed is ripe for a big-screen adaptation.

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Image Source: Marvel Studios

Future of Task Master in the new phase

His fights with dead pool also leave a sign that maybe next year we’ll get to see a marvel thrilling movie of the Dead pool and Task Master. The character’s tendency for training and fighting styles means that he could be brought back in other MCU movies.

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Although the MCU version does not seem to be following this version of the character. It looks like Taskmaster in the MCU seems to have a grievance with Black Widow and her team.

Anyhow the character motivation as a villain in Black Widow, Taskmaster can still take inspiration from Marvel Comics and progress in films and be salvaged as much like Loki in the Thor franchise. This theory cracks on the events of Black Widow. It could be that Natasha Romanoff and her ‘family’ of Red Room spies and super-soldiers end up terminating the Taskmaster.

This would be a shame, as the character does have the potential for an act of powerful revenge on screen. An MCU Deadpool reboot or the eventual Black Widow 2, Taskmaster could be the MCU’s next great antihero.

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