Talentless Nana Episode 6: Release Date, Plot, Preview, Spoilers, More

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Talentless Nana has been taking place in the list of the most suspenseful and intense mangas lately. The anime debuted on October 4, 2020. With just five episodes released, the anime has already gathered huge fandom. Fans were startled at the end of the fifth season. People are now facing difficulty holding in their patience for Talentless Nana Episode 6.

Caution!  If you haven’t watched Talentless Nana, refrain from scrolling down as we have spoilers ahead.


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Talentless Nana is based on a manga written by Looseboy and illustrated by Iori Furuya. It shows an academy filled with ‘talented’ students. These students work their fingers to the bone in their mission to fight the Enemies of Humanity.

The main character, Nana, is a newly-transferred student who soon befriends the students. We soon realize that Nana is a government-sent killer, whose mission is to end the lives of the students, who the government considers the true Enemies of Humanity.

The anime has received much admiration for its unpredictable and involving story filled with heart and interesting characters.

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Talentless Nana Episode 6: Release Date

Talentless Nana or Munou na Nana Episode 6 is all set to air on November 8, 2020, at 9:30 PM JST. The makers released a new episode of Talentless Nana every Sunday. Fans can watch Talentless Nana on Funimation.

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Recap of Episode 5

In the last episode, Tsunekichi shows Nana the photo he captured the day she transferred. In the photo, we see her pushing Nanao down the cliff. She realizes that Tsunekichi has some demands and she sews a web to trap him. She tells him that there is a misconception regarding this and that he must allow her to clear her name for which she would do anything.

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Talentless Nana Episode 6

Nana realizes that Tsunekichi wants to use her for his own good. She uses it to manipulate Tsunekichi. After faking a love relationship with him for some time, she interrogates him to find out what his talent is. Nana comes to an observation that Tsunekichi’s talent has something to do with the vision of the future.

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He mentions that the future could not be changed in any way. Nana tries to leave but Tsunekichi threatens her and stops her from leaving. He soon goes into slumber and Nana steals the camera. She destroys all the evidence and keeps only one photo intact. The next day, Tsunekichi flaunts to everyone that Nana is his new girlfriend.

Later that night, she tries to end his life when he visits her. Tsunekichi overpowers her saying that he is already aware that she tampered with his watch. He pushes her down and starts touching her. Nana powerfully holds his wrist and poisons him.

She makes him know that she replaced the premonition photo he took with another one. Nana replaces it with a photograph of her lying half-nude. She informs him that he took her bait and she changed the future.

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In the end, we see Michuri coming across the photo of Nana pushing Nanao off the cliff. Nana peeps from behind and questions Michuri if she saw anything.

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