Talentless Nana Episode 5: Release Date, Plot, Preview, and More


Nana is busy wiping the blackboard and Mugou asks Kyo about the incident that happened yesterday. He asks if he is the one who caused the fire at the janitor’s shed yesterday. Jere is everything you need to know Talentless Nana Episode 5

Kyo replied in negative, he told him he was attacked and Mugou makes fun of him and calls him a liar. Kyo told Mugou that if he that is so then why Nanao is still absent again. Mogou said he doesn’t care but he is sure about him being the one who caused the fire.

Nana just looks at them knowing that she is to be held responsible for all the happenings. In spite of all the attacks and tricks, Nana is tensed that she couldn’t uncover Kyo’s talent.

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Kori said that Nanao and Shibusawa’s missing is strange. Kyo replied that maybe they were killed by their enemy like they tried to kill him. Nana noticed that Kyo can’t remain quiet about that someone has tried to kill him and she can’t hide the death of Nanao and Shibusawa for a long time which will put her in trouble.

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Release Date and Recap:

Talentless Nana Episode 5 will hit the screens on Sunday, 31 October 2020, at 9:30 PM JST.
Note that you may need to convert the time into your standard time.

Talentless Nana will come up with new episodes every Sunday. You can catch episodes of the manga Talentless Nana on Funimation.

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Revising Talentless Nana Episode 4:

Nana decided that she has to be one step ahead of Kyo before she kills again since he is the stumbling block in her plans. Meanwhile, Michuri’s friend laughs at the fact that she received the love letter in her shoe locker. They read the letter in front of the entire class.

The letter reads ” Michiru I love you since we’re not in the same class for a whole year. I wanted to watch you walk by the garden every morning. I finally need to tell you how I feel today. Are you free after school? I will be waiting for you by the garden after school hours”.

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Michiru’s friends read the letter and told her that they feel happy for her. Nana has a bruise on her leg which comes into Michiru’s notice to which she said it must have hurt and licked her leg. Nana gets startled to see her licking her leg.

After she has finished licking the bruise heals and she is surprised and Michiru’s friend tells her that her talent reduces her lifespan.

Nana feels that her talent is lovely and thanks to her for healing her leg. Later Nana played a conspiracy so that Kyo stops doubting on her about the missing students.

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She opens up to the class that she was attacked by the enemy of humanity. Rather than coming up with a solution, Kori gave the idea that they must find a new leader. Mogou grabs Kori by his collar as he doesn’t coincide with his idea.

Talentless Nana Episode

Nana advised that they better work together to defeat the enemy of humanity. She said that after heartfelt conservation with her class students and she won all of their hearts but Kyo is hard to melt.

Later another student turns up and tells her that he is a photographer. He questions Nana why she wants to kill him and she answers that there must be a mistake. The guy shows her a picture of her killing Nanao and she felt out of words.

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Presently, this is all we know about Talentless Nana’s upcoming story. For more updates, Stay tuned.

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