Talentless Nana Episode 5 : Plot, Release dates and Spoilers!


Talentless Nana aka Munou na Nana is a Japanese manga series which recently got adapted as an anime. The anime released this fall 2020 and the manga started serializing back in 2016. Looseboy is the writer for the manga series and Lori Furuva is the illustrator Shinji Ishihira has directed the anime adaptation of the same written by Fumihiko Shimo.

Though many might find a striking similarity between Talentless nana and Boku no Hero Academia, Talentless Nana has it’s charm. What quite draws a line regardless of a similar setup is the differences in the characters and lead. A female lead for a superhero and action sub genre brings about a major change.

Plot of Talentless Nana:

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Nana Hiiragi

The anime revolves around emergence of children with supernatural powers and how they are being dealt with by the government. These children in the future with such powers are called ‘talents’. They have been assigned a special school to train and prepare them for battles and so. These talents are to fight with the ‘ enemies of humanity ‘ and help protect humanity.

However things change when the school gets a new addition named Nana Hiiragi. Nana pretends to be a talent and eventually mixes up with all quite well. Less to the knowledge of others, Nana Hiiragi is a government assigned assassin with no special talent. Her true mission is to kill the talents as the government sees them as the ‘ enemies of humanity.

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Release Dates of the Episodes:
Talentless Nana gets it’s new episodes every Sundays. Episode 5 will be thus releasing November 1, 2020.

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Nana Hiiragi and her classmate!

Spoilers for the episodes 5:
Nana Hiiragi regardless of the hardships and dilemma managed her work so far. She has not only been successfully completing her missions but also managed to keep her secret safe. Much to her surprise things are about to change.

A new student claiming to be a photographer shows up at the end of the previous episode. He suddenly asks why Nana wants to kill him. At first she was taken a back but she tries to talk him out of it. Just then the photographer takes out a picture of Nana killing Nanao.
Now not only does he know about the truth but also has evidence on Nana. With her tangled like that she is either to get killed or destroy any evidence to continue her mission. She might be exposed or be killed! What’s it going to be for her now?


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