Sword Art Online: Answers to questions anime left?


Sword Art Online is an adventure-based science fiction anime that quite the fandom craving for more episodes every season. The anime is based on manga that goes by the same name.

Sword art online aka SAO is based on was written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. Whereas the animation was produced by Kazuma Miki and Shinichirō Kashiwada and directed by Tomohiko Itō.

What’s SAO about?

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Kirito and Asuna!

SAO is an anime based on virtual reality. The majority of the action and story takes place in the virtual world inside existing inside a video game. Kirito and Asuna are the two main lead of the anime from the very first season.

In the consecutive seasons, a lot of new and impactful characters are introduced that are no less than the main leads. In short, we are definitely showered with too many important characters to choose our favorites from.

With the growth of virtual reality games, the most awaited game SAO is launched in the world of 2022. The game used all the five senses of a person with the help of a headgear setup. This enabled the players to control their character on the game by mind.

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Soon after, the players come to realize that they are stuck in the game and unable to log out from it. Each player is stuck in the virtual world of sword art online and needs to fight for their survival.

Only if they survive in the game and achieve the goals, they’ll be able to wake from this virtual world. The seasons include all the evils they encounter in the journey and the comrades they end up bonding with.

With three seasons and the fourth lined the anime has left us with numerous mysterious and questions in mind.

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Mysterious Questions Sword Art Online leaves fans with:

Asuna or Alice?

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It’s shown from the start that Kirito and Asuna are quite a couple in love until Alice enters the scene. Things weren’t ever smooth for Kirito and Asuna, however Kirito has always been the crush of many on the show.

Female characters falling for our lead isn’t new but we can’t totally turn a blind eye on Alice’s love confession. Even though Alice has been shown quite devoted to Kirito it still does not change how everything is about Asuna and Kirito, to begin with.

Asuna unlike Alice is almost a wife for Kirito and hence I think it’s quite a sink for Alice. It’s quite certainly Asuna for Kirito.

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What about Alice then?
Alice is no less loved than the main leads. I think she’s quite literally a third lead for SAO fans. Her character development and heartwarming backstory quite made the fans love her more than expected.

Since Alice is a much-loved character the author has been kind enough to keep her alive. As a robot in the real world, an advanced AI robot.

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Are we getting any more of Eugeo?
We see Eugeo sacrificing his life for Kirito losing the remaining bit of presence he had of himself. Since he appeared even after his death as a memory mirage things have been quite confusing.

This occurrence takes place as a part of his soul merges into the blue rose sword. Hence his memories and the fragment of soul lives within the sword, making the sword capable of making decisions too.

The memories and learnings of Eugeo are what guided Kirito until the very end. With the last fragment of himself getting sacrificed to save Kirito, he’s entirely wiped off his existence. Whether there’s a chance for him to again appear totally depends on how the rules and the game progresses.

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Kirito and Eugeo


Where can we watch Sword Art Online from?
SAO can be streamed on any of these well-known apps: Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and hidive.



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