Supernatural Season 15: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers, Preview And Much More


Eric Kripke’s drama series Supernaturals will be hitting its climax with its last season, Supernatural season 15.

The super exciting story revolves around 2 Winchester brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester who follow the footsteps of their father as they hunt down the evil supernatural creatures including monsters and demons.

Continuing the business of family after their father’s death, the brothers soon discovered that the hunt does not only includes slashing the monsters and demons, but also includes dealing with more powerful elements such as angels, reapers and Death.

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 Supernatural Season 15: Who will be staring?

The exciting thriller will be bringing some alluring cameos and returns which will surely be loved by fans and viewers. Some of the surprising names will only be unleashed until the show premiers.

The mega cast includes Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester who is the senior brother amount the two Winchester brothers. His attention has now been shifting towards the superpower of God.

The role of the junior one named Sam Winchester will be played by the amazing actor Jared Padalecki who is the more sympathetic one among the two brothers. Every season of Supernatural brings some new excitement in his character.

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With season 15 being the last it is expected that the tension between the two lead characters will be less prominent. Apart from these two captivating and lead actors, the cast includes Misha Collins as Castiel.

Castiel will be a keen ally for both brothers in this season 15 but the role can be conflicting  Alexander Calvert will be seen playing an exciting role of Jack, Ruth Connell will play Rowena Macleod, The role of Adam Milligan will be played by Jake Abel and Rob Benedict will be seen portraying the role of god. Apart from these roles, the show includes some interesting characters which will surely be loved by the fans.

 Supernatural Season 15: When will the show be screening?

The exciting episodes of Supernaturals will begin broadcasting on 8th October and the series finale on 19th November in the US. The final season of the superb show includes 20 episodes that will bring the exciting story of Wanchester brothers to end. Thrill lovers can surely give this amazing show a try.

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Supernatural Season 15

You can have a look at the first few glimpses of the final episodes in the trailer below, which were unveiled in late August :

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