Suicide Squad 2: Know Everything about it!


Get ready binge-watchers Suicide Squad 2 are on their way to fill you up with amazing story and thriller which they did in their first part, as we all know what our good vilians did last time was created a new mindset to their viewers that villains are not actually bad but they seem. It is based on DC Comics antihero genre.

Suicide squad 2 is officialy called “ The most anticipated movie “ of 2021. Which clearly seems that it is going to bang in theaters. 

Suicide squad release date ? 

It is officially announced by warner bros that the movie will be released on August 6, 2021. 

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Suicide squad 2 casting  

As expecting, margot robbie, jai courtney, joel kinnaman, and viola davis, and all from first movie. 

A heart breaking news for dead shot fans that will smith will not play the role this time due to conflicts with production teams, idris elba was looking for replacement so there are many possibilities for a new character instead of dead shot.  

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What’s the part two all about?

Since we nothing about the story because the producer peter safran called it will be a “ total reboot not a sequel “ so we cannot predict anything on the basis of their first part.  

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One theory is running in everyone’s mind that there will be multiple squads can be seen.  

Lets hope for the good till then stay tuned. 

Do we have a trailer?

here’s the trailer of suicide squad 2 dropped by WARNER BROS.

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