SUICIDE SQUAD 2: Release Date, Cast, Preview, Spoilers and Much More


Anti villains are on board to fill you with their thrilling and breathtaking performance once again. Gear up yourself fellas as Suicide Squad is back

Starro’s is the most  expected villain of sequel, as well as the Justice league  

What is suicide squad? 

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In case you don’t know so here we go, Suicide Squad is a team of world’s deadliest villains which are captured by DC heroes and prisoned under the detention of government officials which later deem for a mission, suicide squad is part of DC multiverse since 1950, that shows how much fans are crazy for this anti-villain team. 

Why they’re Suicide Squad? 

Why would supervillains team up to save somebody? This question is asked a dime of a dozen times, in the last story of suicide squad. supervillains are released for a limited time under an emergency protocol when enchantress and her brother incubus attacked midway city and superman was already dead before all this and justice league can’t handle those immortals so this teams of deadliest villains are on the ground,

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it was a one-way ticket if they’re unable to defeat those siblings it is confirmed that they’re dead, if one tries to escape the officials will kill them immediately because they’ve tied a belt which transmits electric current this all just to stop those villains so it was confirmed that either they’ll win or they’re all dead there’s no going back  

We’ve seen prehistoric black magic threats in the previous movie. Apart from the obvious Justice League, his director David, also dealt with alien parasites. The villain is a trait with inhuman qualities with no sympathetic gestures which subsequently change the whole dilemma of the story.

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The character is counterposed with powerful skills, which will create more fights and scenarios.

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The old cast is confirmed except will smith aka dead shot, but a character can be seen instead.


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ON 4TH of AUGUST 2021, we’ll able to watch the amazing sequel of how super villains transform themselves for the sake of good. officials didn’t post any trailer yet.

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