Start Up: K-Drama Releasing this month! Know everything about it?


With too many mind-boggling hits, we have yet another anticipated drama lined up for 2020, Start-Up.

Start-Up is certainly going to be the death of Nam Joo-hyuk fans. He’s already blessing us with two dramas this fall, one after the other! This is yet another much-awaited drama with quite an endearing plot and well-known cast.

Oh Choong-Hwan will be directing the drama alongside Park Hye-Ryun as the writer for the drama. While the has yet disclosed the number of episodes, yet considering their standard set of episodes, we know it will most probably be more than 10.

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This will be releasing the coming month of October and airing every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 (KSt).

Gist of the Drama

As the title states, the South Korean television drama is based on a start up company.
The drama is going to take us on a journey with hardships and satisfaction both. It shows how five fundamentally different people come together for the cause of starting  Start Up.

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Each of them might have different meanings for a startup, but in the end, it’s a success they are all chasing. With all their dreams and needs at stake, will they achieve the heights or fall off?

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What is going to be their breaking point? Will they really be able to hand in there? A different meaning for different people, can they really together agree on a decision? What will be the risk?

A startup is never an easy task; time, effort, money, and a lot of risk. While the stakes are high for risk and return both, the stress is no less. This drama might give us the perfect insight behind the scenes of start-ups and their struggles. But of course, with all the drama and we are also getting the much-needed romance too.

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  • Bae Suzy as adult Seo Dal-mi: She has always dreamt of doing something big in life. She plans to be like Steve Jobs and has quite a lot of experience and connections with people.
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as adult Nam Do-san: He is the founder of Samson Tech and a math genius. His company hasn’t been doing well for the past two years, and Dal-mi is all in for helping his first love, Do-san. She decides to begin a Start-Up with him.
  • Kim Seon-ho, an adult Han Ji-pyung: He is skilled at making investments that got him the name “the Gordan Ramsay of investments.” He joins the new startup as he owns a huge favor to someone, which is the sole reason he joins.
  • Kang Han-na as adult Won In-Jae: She is quite a well-known family’s daughter and is widely respected in the society. She is beautiful, educated, and wealthy, but she wants to achieve all that herself. She wants to be successful on her own and be acknowledged for her own work.

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