Soul: Walt Disney is back with yet another stupendous creation


Walt Disney Pictures and  Pixar Animation Studios animated studious is coming up with another animation this winter.
Soul is an American animated movie directed by Pete Docter, renowned for his works like ‘Up’ and ‘Inside out’. He has won several awards and has also been nominated in the Oscars for his animated films.

Soul: Plot Details

Joe Gardner is a music teacher in a middle school who loves jazz music. He is the main character who loves to play jazz in his off time. Joe has always had a dream of performing jazz music onstage and finally manages to get his long awaited break.

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However life takes an unfortunate turn for him just when he get’s the chance to impress other jazz musicians. He meets with an untimely accident resulting in his soul and body to be separated. While his body lies unconscious in the hospital, his soul is sent to the The Great Beyond.

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This place is filled with souls who travel to the afterlife and new souls are also born. These new souls are further given new traits, quirks, personality before they’re sent off to the Earth again. Joe’s soul falls from the afterlife line to were the new souls are kept and given new traits and personality. Now he has to work in the training and also manage to escape that place somehow.

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He manages to befriend the soul of a 22-year-old, who has been misunderstanding the concept of life. Nevertheless, Joe still has a chance to fulfill his dream before Paul snatches away his chance. He has to plan a successful escape and return to his body to return to life.

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Voiceover Casting:

  • Jamie Foxx voicing Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher who dreams of performing jazz on stage
  • Tina Fey voicing the 22-year-old, soul trapped in the training area
  • Questlove voicing Curly, drummer
  • Phylicia Rashad voicing for Joe’s mother
  • Daveed Diggs as Paul

SOUL is scheduled to be premiere on November 20 this year on Disney+.

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