So Much Love To Give: Is the movie as promising as the trailer?


Brace yourselves, binge-watchers, Netflix is coming up with a super exciting movie named ‘ So much love to give’ which seems to be full of drama, thrill, romance, and much more. It’s an argentine comedy which is originally named as ‘Corazon loco’ produced by DJ Falcon. Adrian suar, the protagonist of the fiction, is playing the role of a man named Fernando Ferro who has two wives and two families.

What can we expect in the Romantic Thriller? 

The trailer seems to be very promising and entertaining. The initial stages of the trailer show the first wife of Fernando that is, Paula whose character is being played by Gabriela Toscano, she is loved a lot by the protagonist. As we move ahead in the trailer we get to know about the things which Fernando is hiding which includes a second home, a second city, and a second wife i.e Verra whose character is amazingly played by Soledad Villamil.

Ferro loves both the ladies very much and everything seems to be going perfect until he gets hospitalized as he meets a severe car accident. Both Paula and Veera came to the hospital to take an update of Fernando’s well being but both the women ignored each other. In the latter stages of the trailer, Paula introduces herself to Veera after which both the ladies plan to take revenge from the man.

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So Much Love To Give: Plot Details

This Netflix original movie depicts the story of a man who has a good life and who is being loved a lot by his family, friends, and colleagues as well. His life seems perfect but actually, this is not the case as he has two houses, two families, and two wives as well.

Monday to Thursday he used to live with his first wife, Paula and he used to spend other days of the week with his second wife Veera. The thrill and drama begin when both the ladies meet each other and plan to take revenge on the man.

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Who will star in the movie?

imageThis thrilling Netflix original movie is directed by Marcos Carnevale who is well known for his work on Elsa y Fred (2005), Anita (2009), and Padre Coraje (2004). The series is written by Marcos and Adrian Suar. The Cast of ‘So much love to give’ sees Adrian Suar who is an American-born Argentine actor, media producer, and businessman, better known as the program director of Canal 13.

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Image Source: Netflix

The cast further includes Soledad Villamilwho is an Argentine film and television actress and singer. She has won two Carlos Gardel Awards, the Argentine equivalent of the American Grammy Awards and British BRIT Awards besides, Goya Award for Best New Actress for the film, The Secret in Their Eyes. The role of the second lead lady is being played by Gabriela Toscano. She is an Uruguayan actress who works in Argentina. 

     Apart from these three leads, the cast includes Alan Sabbagh, Betiana Blum, Darío Barassi, and Magela Zanotta. 

 So Much Love To Give: When will it air?

This Argentine based fiction will be available in streaming on Netflix starting September 9, 2020, with a run time of 109 minutes. Hopefully, this thrilling and comedy movie will be liked by all.

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