Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Episode 6


In the Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, ever since the demon king kidnapped the princess the fight between demons and humans has enraged. The demon forces posted to all the lands were placed on rotation to prevent burnout.

Sibarian orders the guards to open the gate since the female unit has returned. Meanwhile, male demons have decided that they won’t be quiet and peaceful when the females are around. Others think that the princess will be happy as she will enjoy the females’ company.

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Princess Slayis is in search of a new comforter so that she can sleep peacefully. It is the her fifth night and she is pondering over what to do about her new quest. The demon girl comes in front of her cell and she tries to talk with Slayis. Slayis is least interested since she is busy finding a new comforter. The demon girl introduces herself as Harpy and informs that her unit has returned from deployment today.

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Episode 6 Release Date and Recap

Episode 6 is all set to release on Tuesday, 9 November 2020, at 2:00 AM JST. The makers release new episodes every Tuesday. You can watch the latest episode of this manga anime on AnimeLab.

Revising Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Episode 5

Slayis reveals that she is interested in a human culture so she would want to have more knowledge about it. Slayis added that can she make it from anything in her room and she is referring to her new comforter. Slayis is not interested in talking to Harpy which she clearly notices, it is like she is talking to a dead person. Harpy tries to start a girls’ talk and Slayis put a sack on her head pointing out that she is disturbing her. Harpy thinks that the princess is feeling shy which means she must be crushing on someone.

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She thinks that her crush is the noble hero or the forbidden love with a demon. The demon king comes and thanks Harpy for everything she is doing for the princess.

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He kept her inside the same cell where the princess is, and he left smiling hoping that the princess won’t go into slumber again. Harpy asks Slayis if she doesn’t like him and she says that she is a demon and she wants to talk with a human and befriend a human girl.

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Harpy ask Slayis to be her friend and Slayis kept gazing at her and she found her comforter. She admires Harpy’s feather saying that they are smooth and rightly-weighed. Slayis decided to befriend Harpy.

Harpy gets so excited and she goes to bed with her using her wing as her new comforter. Harpy asks about the girl’s talk and to her to rest since she sleeps.

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Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Episode 6

While the princess is sleeping she is mesmerized how Harpy’s comfort feathers are and Harpy comes to know that it is not a pajama party that the princess promised her. 

The next day the princess observes the bed is too small for two people and she flies with Harpy to the top sky of a demon castle.

They went there and arrange the materials to make a bed sufficient for two people. The demon king is aware that the sand dragon has been defeated by the heroes. The heroes won’t stop the battle until they get their princess back.

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