Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Episode 4: Release Date, Plot, Preview, Spoilers and More


Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is a Japanese manga series written by Kagiji Kumanomata. The anime television series adaptation by Doga Kobo premiered in October 2020. The story revolves around Princess Slayis who was abducted by a demon Lord but her only concern is seeking an excellent place to sleep in the castle.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle


Princess Slayis finds out that a grimoire is the accumulation of human wisdom and just reading it eats away at human’s sanity while reading a story. In exchange, it imparts knowledge of various magics and which is why demons greatly feared and sealed grimoires away in the Demon Castle.

Slayis realized that the grimoire was a very difficult book. She thinks that it will be a better option to read the book before sleep.

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Meanwhile, at the Demon Castle Underground Library, the Jester soldiers are patrolling. Bigwig Penguin said that if the forbidden Grimoire’s seal is broken, it will be problematic even for the demon king.

Jester told them that only the demon king along with a chosen human can break the seal. Slayis was listening to them while they were talking.

She wants to complete a Quest: ”Book to induce Sleep.”She stole all the grimoire in order to find the one that can make her slumber. The guards are totally unaware of it.

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Release Date:

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Episode 4 will be released on Tuesday, 27 October 2020, at 2:00 AM JST. A new episodeof this anime is released every Tuesday. You can watch the episodes of this Anime on AnimeLab. Let’s see what more Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle  has to offer us below.

Revising Episode 3:

Bigwig Penguin gets asked by Jestro what if the captured princess is the one who has been chosen. While she is trying to steal another grimoire Bigwig Penguin replied that they will fall into trouble.

Slayis decided to break the seal of the most dangerous forbidden grimoire. She destroyed all the explosives and traps and opens the door and this usage of brain by her leads her to the forbidden grimoire. When she gets inside she searched and find the powerful grimoire hanging on air sealed tight with magic.

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Slayis excitedly opens the grimoire and starts reading it.  Suddenly, a boy named Alazif appears who introduces himself as the spirit of grimoire.

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He can be of good use in destruction of the demon king and the demon castle. He unravels that it is his duty to serve the princess and she can use him to destroy the demon.

Slayis is not bothered about anything he is saying ,all she wants is to have a nap and she refuses everything he said. She asked him to bring her anything he likes as he is the servant of the princess.

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Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Alazif told her that if she doesn’t want to destroy the demon he knows the magic that can disable  the whole Demon Castle. Slayis wanted to know if it includes sleeping magic. Alazif gave her the sleeping magic and she uses it to create great drowsiness that enveloped the Demon Castle.

Even the Demon King fell prey to the magic so he fell asleep with everyone. Except SLayis and Alazif everyone has fallen into deep sleep and now, it is quiet and peaceful inside the demon Castle.

Alazif tells her that now it is her chance to escape from the demon castle but little does he know that the princess doesn’t care about that. All she cares about is her slumbers whether it is in a demon castle or at her home.

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Slayis rages out saying that it is not fair when everyone is asleep except for her. She opens the Grimoire and uses it as a pillow and falls asleep. The next day, when her sleep is disturbed her quest gets completed.

She visited the castle and the demons fear that she has escaped. They tried searching for her and when they find her coming back they get confused as to why would she escape and come back willingly.

The princess wanted to get some light and she did. She tied it inside the castle to the iron railing and fell asleep again. The way the princess does her things makes the Demon King surprised.

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