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Six years ago, Deadpool’s movie footage was leaked online and was met with censorious commend, ensue in 20th Century Fox finally giving the green go to the project that had relaxed in progression kicks for years.

The production winds up building the best hunky-dory call, as the fans have showered overwhelmingly tremendous response to the 2016 film Deadpool and it’s sequel followed up in 2018. However, over half a decade later, it’s still never been 100% confirmed who leaked that footage.

All things considered, the foremost perpetrator has been Ryan Reynolds, nevertheless, the Deadpool actor hasn’t confined to that. In actual fact, in the open, he’s exerting oneself set on and start off the sequence of episodes that lead the way to him ultimately take part in a devoted form of Wade Wilson.

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And Ryan Reynolds celebrated the six years of Deadpool’s footage leak in his savage witty fashion. The superhero posted a video anniversary on his social media handles which reads the caption“It’s why the next #Deadpool film is taking so long. Still trying to solve this. Happy #Leakaversary. “which gives us the assurance that we’ll see our beloved wise-cracking superhero soon!

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