Record of Youth: Ingredients For The Fans To Savor


‘Record of Youth’ is a Korean drama produced by Studio Dragon and Pan Entertainment through the network of tvN and Netflix. Ahn Gil-Ho has directed the show. It was written by Ha Myung-Hee. She is the one behind the scripts of knockout dramas like Doctors and High Society.

How does Record of Youth unwind?

The plot revolves around three individuals, Sa Hye-Joon, Won Hae-Hyo, and Ahn Jung-Ha, as they learn to deal with the circumstances and grow alongside. Three of them strive to evolve, being a part of the Entertainment and Fashion industry. ‘Record of Youth’ marks the long-awaited return of Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam on the small screen. 

Characters and their individualism

Sa Hye-Joon, played by Park Bo-Gum 

Image Source: Netflix

Park BoGum portrays the chief role of Sa Hye-Joon. His last appearance in a drama was in Encounter(2018). Also, he performed in the science-fiction thriller movie Seo Bok in the lead role. Sa Hye-Joon is an aspiring actor working as a model. He struggles to survive as an actor as several auditions go downhill for him. Even while struggling and facing rejections, he manages to keep a confident outlook.

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 Ahn Jung-Ha, played by Park So-Dam

Credits: Netflix

Park So-Dam performs the role of Ahn Jung-Ha. She received loads of appreciation for her role as Kim Ki-Jung in the comedy thriller movie ‘Parasite.’ Her character longs to become a make-up artist and finds her escape in fantasizing about her celebrity crush. Ahn Jung-Ha seems to be “Go get ’em” type, but her life is not all shiny and chirpy.

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Won Hae-Hyo as Byeon Woo-Seok

Record Of Youth

Byeon Woo-Seok gained fame with his performance in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency(2019). His character, Won Hae-Hyo, is Sa Hye-Joon’s best friend, and he also aims to be an actor. Won Hae-Hyo has a strong family background and influences. He wants to prove his efficiency with no back-up from his family.

‘Record of Youth’ release date

The series’ episodes are being released since September 7, 2020. It is releasing two episodes every week on Netflix, one on Mondays, and the other one following on Tuesdays.

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Have a look at the trailer to catch the vibe:

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