Questions Ozark Season 4 has to answer


Ozark Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, on one side fans are unsure about Ruth’s next move, many are also confused about Bryde’s current emotional state. Will the Brydes come back strong? is Bryde’s greatest ally is secretly planning a move on them? What will happen in the next season? Hang for a little while to figure some answers out.

Why did Navarro pick Wendy and Marty Byrde over Helen Pierce?

The season is based on a battle between the Byrdes and Helen Pierce. In the final scene of the season, they arrived at Navarro’s place in Mexico, and Helen was quickly put to death by one of the kingpin’s men, Frank Nelson, Helen’s former driver/assassin. The Byrdes were hugged by Navarro as dropped on the soundtrack and we’re left wondering: Wait, what? Why did the Scarface pick the Byrdes? Was it the promise of protection and perceived authority that they offered? Did Wendy’s willingness to sacrifice her brother play a role? (Don’t forget that Helen wouldn’t sacrifice her husband earlier in the season.) Exactly why Navarro made that crucial decision should leading the opening arc of season four.

Will Jonah forgive his parents?


Jonah Byrde. This show ended the season in a dark place, realizing that his parents played a role in getting his favorite uncle killed. After pulling a shotgun on Helen Pierce, he’s last seen firing it at a window. Has Jonah finally realized the stretch of his parents’ capacity for evil? Will he be drawn into their immoral corruption or pushed away from it? Well, we have to watch Ozark season 4 to answer this question.

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Will the drug cartel war continue?

The last scene of season three was the rise up of the drug war between Navarro and his enemies. The season opened with a horrible murder of innocent life, and we saw a mass shooting during a baptism. Will these shades of violence play into season four? It certainly won’t all go away while the Snell and Byrde cartels fight it out. It seems to be bubbling its way up into the United States and could make things far more violent and difficult than ever.

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Is Ruth joining the FBI to expose Brydes?

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How solid is Darlene’s sudden empire?

Darlene Snell went relatively normal days with her stolen baby to running a reprogramming drug empire in a short period of time. How strong that empire really be? She’s reaching out to Frank Cosgrove and the Kansas City mob, which would give her a great deal of fire upon, but do they really trust her yet? What about other players like Three Langmore? We know Wyatt is merrily loyal to her, but that’s all we really know for sure when the season ends.

Are the Byrdes the villains now?


This is the biggest question that comes while watching Ozarks, isn’t it? After three seasons, have Wendy aka Jason Bateman and Marty made a shift from Mr. Chips to Scarface, la Walter White on Breaking Bad? Think about how many chances they’ve had to walk away from this all, including not just at the end of season two but the promises of protection from Maya Miller this year. They seem to be actively moving in some other direction. It’s worth considering if the deaths of Ben and Helen make the moment when the Byrdes truly broke bad and became the villains of Ozark. Where will Ozark Season 4 lead then?

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