Pokemon journeys: When is season 2 dropping?


Pokemon journeys is a Japanese animated web series. Season 1 of this show was aired on November 17, 2019. Pokemon fans are eagerly waiting for season 2, the show revolves around ash Ketchum and Goh’s adventures as they travel through the eight areas of the Pokemon world, this series is more popular because of the net television show of this series.

Pokemon journeys season 2: When will it air?

Though the first season was so much loved by everyone, the production team is all set to make a sequel. Like every program, this is also delayed because of the pandemic. So we can say that season 2 will release next year in 2021.

Pokemon season 2: Plot Details?

There’s no news regarding the storyline or what will happen all we can do is wait for the season 2. The cast of season 1 is expected in season 2 also, if you haven’t watched Pokemon journeys then you must watch pokemon Journeys is the thriller series. The group can get Ash Ketchum on his new endeavors with two new paragons Goh and Chloe. Twelve stunning episodes with the first season.

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Image Source: Netflix

What is Pokemon about?

We don’t have any arrival date till now. Pokemon has many seasons each season features iteration, we’re now in the eighth generation Pokemon swords & shield.

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After achieving his goal to become Pokemon master ash Ketchum comebacks to his home pallet town, where he found Goh. These two boys then travel the world in intent to catch one type of every Pokemon.

Will Netflix be receiving Pokémon Journeys: The Series season 2?

The future of the second season of Pokémon Journeys: The Series or the 24th season of Pokémon on Netflix is up in the air right now.

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 Netflix has only required the license for the 23rd season, so we’re still waiting for news on whether or not the future of Pokémon will be Netflix.

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