Pokémon 2019 Sword and Shield II Episode 44: Release Date, Plot, Preview, And More


Pokémon 2019 continues the adventures of Goh and Satoshi, our current leads. The season leads on an adventure to find the mysteries of the new Galar region Pokémon franchise. Numerous secrets are unfolded one by one.

Pokémon Episode 44: premiere details
The upcoming episode of Pokémon 2019 will drop the coming Tuesday, 6th November 2020.

Preview of the upcoming episode:

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Team Rocket

Previously in the episode, both Goh and Satoshi get separated. Satoshi reaches the town and also fights a Dimax Pokémon with the help of Dande. Satoshi continues to search for the truth behind the mysteries of Daimax.

Alongside this, Goh who separately starts searching for more clues about the legendary Pokémon they came across before fainting. Sonia helps Goh to proceed with the further investigations on the legendary Pokémon.

Amidst all this, we totally cannot forget our beloved villains’, team Rocket. They are working on another mischievous plan in Knuckle City. Meanwhile, team rocket is working out their evil plan. Goh and Sonia reach Turf Town Geoglyph. They talk about the legend of Galar and the black vortex. They continue the investigations leading forward to Daimax this time.

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Previously on episode 43:

Goh and Sonia

Goh and Sonia talk about the Daimax Pokémon, and Goh tells her about it all. They discuss the possibilities of this being due to the black vortex and the Black knight. Team Rocket, on the other hand, thinks they now have the best evil plan and keep working on it.

They proceed with their plans of injecting Galar particles and further obtaining the globe Pokémon. They keep prying on Goh and Sonia for further information.

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On the other hand, Dande and Satoshi fight a fierce battle against a Daimax Pokémon. It was a Kyodaimax, i.e., the Daimax form of a fire/coal rock Pokémon. Satoshi used Ginger and Pikachu’s help to fight the battle.

They finally succeeded in defeating the Daimax. Sonia and Goh derived useful information from professor Magnolia that further help them with the search for the truth.


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