Pen 15 Season 2: The Trailer teases a thrilling adventure!


After the ending of season 1 on climatic dance, the audience was eagerly waiting for the second season so the whole cast and crew of Pen 15 is back with season 2 which will be aired on 18th September which stars Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle.

Season 2 is quite long as compared to season 1  because season 1 has 10 episodes but season 2 has 14 episodes. The creators will release the first seven episodes in September 2020 but the rest 7 episodes will be released in 2021 in order to maintain the suspense among the audience. As you know that pen 15 is a story of teenage girls and boys. 

Pen 15 Season 2: What will be the second season all about?

Maya also mentioned that the whole point of Pen15 is to highlight the experience of seventh grade…not to watch the girls grow up and head to high school. The concept of the show is related to Maya and Anna who are hoping that they will remain in seventh grade forever. This season comprises secret, suspense, thrill, and Haunting.

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The story will more focus on Anna’s parent’s divorce and how it affects the mind of a teenager when they saw a divorce of there parents. The story will bring answers to the questions of how Anna deal with this tragedy and how to overcome this feeling? House we will look at her life from here? Will this tragedy forced her to go deep in dark or she make out some way to look life from a different perspective? 

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The trailer of season 2  is out and had already created a lot of buzz among the audience and the trailer is super thrilling full of humor fun and enjoyment. In an interview, Konkle said:

“One of the biggest things that is different about our show is that there isn’t a happy ending or a lesson — but hopefully there are things that are coming through that are motivating or hopeful.”

She continued,

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“At the end of the day,  we’re really trying to hold a mirror to our experiences and show it back in a way that’s funny and honest to us.”

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