Noblesse Episode 7: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, Preview, And More


Noblesse episode 6 left us with a bit too many overwhelming feelings. We saw Rai’s true potential and truth unfolding slowly. So far the fights scenes have totally been amazing, the anime adaptation is quite commendable. All the actions are well planned and executed. Here is everything you need to know about Noblesse Episode 7:

If you want a look at the basic plot of Noblesse, do refer to the previous articles. It’s adapted from a Line Webtoon.  The story revolves around being with immense super powers and humans who have used experimentation to gain strength. It’s a clash of the right, wrong and power.

Release date of Noblesse episode 7:
We have new episode aired every Wednesday. Making the episode 7 to be aired on 18th November, 2020. You can stream it on the official sites of Crunchyroll.

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Full recap of Episode 6 :

Noblesse episode 7
Raizel’s reply to Manabu requesting to save Tao.

As we anticipated, we see Takeo and Frankenstein’s come to an end when Frankenstein unleashes his true powers. On the other hand we see Rai (Raizel) reaching the scene and putting a break on Crank’s outrage. Cranks were no stopped by Rai only by a verbal command. That’s the amount of power he posses.

Cranks also tries to absorb Tao’s energy but Manabu begs Rai to save Tao. Rai puts an end to all of it in a blink of eye by defeating Cranks. He uses his massive power to create a Blood Field and finish Cranks off. Things are taken care of here.

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Noblesse episode 7 spoilers.
Takeo asking Seira to save the kids!.

On the other hand, we see Seira interrupt Frankenstein killing Takeo. Takeo then recognizes her and asks her to save the kids in the basement. On this plead, Frankenstein decides to not kill him. He and Seira then have a talk and realize that Frankenstein isn’t a normal human and knows quite a lot about Nobles. He instantly recognized the Death Scythe, Seira’s weapon.

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Spoilers for Noblesse Episode 7:
Now that the fight has ended and people have healed, it might be the true revelation moment. We might get to see Tashiro and Manabu getting to know the truth. But will Rai leave them ? or erase it like last time?

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Things are finally calm but it might be for a greater storm that’s yet to come. We might be finally meeting one of the higher-ups of the Union!. Who is it?

Noblesse Episode 7

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