Noblesse Episode 6: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, Preview and More


Noblesse Episode 6 is totally keeping up with the expectations of the audience. It has totally proven why it was a much-anticipated anime. The line webtoon already had millions of fans, and the number has only elevated after the anime release.

The plot is set in a world where powerful beings called nobles exist to protect humans. But with time, the human race has progressed massively in fields of science and tech. They are stronger and more fierce than they use to be back in time.

The Union exploits the human race and destroys the nobles. This is where the nobles and humans’ protector, Noblesse, eventually steps into the fierce battle with Union.

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Air Date for Noblesse Episode 6:
Noblesse releases its episodes every Wednesday. Thus the upcoming episode will be aired on 11th November, 2020. You can stream it on the official sites of Crunchyroll.

Full recap of Episode 5 :

Regis and Shark!

Previously on Noblesse Episode 6, we saw how Regis and the rest of the two kids are kidnapped, and M-21 tries to save them. Unlike Tao and Takeo, the rest of the union members are ruthless.

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Now that Regis is free, he takes over the fight, whereas M-21 is heavily injured. While Regis fights Shark, Seira defeats Hammer quite easily and heads towards Regis.

Frankenstein and Rai (Raizel) reach soon after and are stopped by Takeo. Frankenstein battles with Takeo, and Rai heads towards Tashiro and others. Just when Regis was about to finish off Shark, Cranks decided to intervene.

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Unlike the members, captain Cranks of DA-5 is the strongest. Shark’s relief was short-lived when Cranks decided to kill him to obtain his strength. After consuming the D and Shark’s powers, Cranks becomes too powerful. Regis was too easily beaten up.

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This is where Raizel finally arrives.

Noblesse Raizel!

Spoilers for Episode 6:
The upcoming episode brings us the conclusion to Takeo and Frankenstein’s fight. We will also be witnessing the true strength of the Noblesse, Raziel. His enormous presence and power almost leaves everyone baffled!

We’ll leave you with a spoiler question, do you think this is the end of DA-5?. What happens now that Tashiro and Manabu have witnessed so much?. Episode 6 will bring in too many questions!

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We don’t want to break to you the whole episode because it’s worth a watch!

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