Noblesse Anime and Manwha differences: Episode 6

Noblesse anime and webtoon differences

Noblesse is an anime adaptation of an South Korean manhwa which released as an webtoon. The line webtoon was a massive hit which automatically made this a talk of the town. After almost 7 episodes it is quite evident that it deserves the appreciation. Starting from the plot to the characters and animation, it’s all done amazingly.

The anime was so engrossing that I couldn’t wait to find what happens ahead. I tried searching for the chapter that runs parallel to the current episode of the anime. On doing so I was initially a little confused so I though of sharing the differences I spotted.

I’ll be sharing the full recap of episode 6 and later state the differences I stopped to the story path. It might contain some minor spoilers that can be overlooked as well. Also it’ll be focused only on the minor changed details from the particular episode.

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Full detailed recap of episode 6:

Noblesse Anime and Webtoon differences
Blood Field creation by Raizel

This episode shows us the actual strength of Raizel, when you over powers Cranks such by his verbal command. While Rai (Raizel) further fights Cranks or more accurately beats him up we see Seira’s true strength and weapon, Death Scythe.

We see Frankenstein unleash his sealed powers without the his master, Rai’s permission. He does this only to take down Takeo after he takes the D pill. Frankenstein almost kills Takeo when Seira enters the scene to stop him and question him about his powers. To Seira’s surprise not only did Frank recognize the Death Scythe but also knew a lot more about it. He knew a death scythe user is the strongest and the clan’s head, identifying that Seira is the Clan’s head.

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This is when Takeo asks Seira to save the highschool kids. This side of Takeo is the reason why Frank decides to not kill him. While Seira and Frankenstein head towards the kids and where Rai is. At the same moment, Cranks decides to take hold of Tao and absorb his powers. But Manabu begs rai to save Tao and this is when Rai unleashes his immense power. Everyone around feels the enormous power that Rai uses when he fishes off Cranks with his Blood Field.

Later we see all of them at the Director’s place. Tao is around with Frank, Seira and rest and M-21 and Takeo regain consciousness in another room. We see them come out later and Tao tells all about what happened with Cranks and how. The episode ends with M-21 asking Frank to let Tao and Takeo stay over. To it Frank replies saying it’s his home too, he can take that decision thus.

For the final ending we see Rai awakening M-21’s true form and power.

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Changes observed compared to the chapter :
The are some of the changes in the sequence in which the story flows. There might be a SPOILERS ahead, so beware folks!.

Noblesse Webtoon and Anime Differences in Episode 6

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1. M-21 Finding out his true self powers
The webtoon we actually shows that M-21 transforms during the match. He unleashes the physical transformation to save the kids but in the anime it has been shown differently. In the anime we actually don’t get the transformation during the match. Rather we see Rai awakening his powers later on.

2. M-21 being called to life by Rai
So basically in the webtoon he was stabbed badly by Shark resulting in a lot of blood loss from the deep wound. While he was on the verge of losing consciousness he hears Rai. On hearing Rai calling upon him he tends to come back to senses. We miss out on this particular interaction in the anime.

3. Two female characters haven’t been included
In the particular chapters running parallel to the episode we see two more female characters. Whereas in the anime we haven’t really seen these to characters from the start. Since they haven’t been a part of the plot since the start, it makes sense why. Though the anime watchers need not be worried about this, the webtoon readers might be a bit confused. Like i quite frankly was a little.

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4. Truth being disclosed in front of Tashiro and Manabu
In the Webtoon we actually see all of them sit together and talk. They have a clear conversation with the highschool human kids and state they aren’t humans. We also see how Rai states to them that he didn’t do all that for them to remember. Whereas in the anime they are not shown holding such a conversation yet.

Noblesse episode 7
Pictures from the manga

So these are all the differences I managed to find. Do check out the other articles if you want to know more about the upcoming Noblesse episodes.

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