Never Have I Ever 2: Paxton Hall or Ben Gross?


Never have i ever is a teen comedy-drama  which first aired on Netflix on May 21, 2020.

This series was quite a change in the trend with a light yet captivating plot. It gave the audience just the right amount of humor and drama. Simultaneously it also got recognition for the way the South Asians (Tamils) were presented in  Hollywood and breaking stereotypes.

Never have I ever season 1 received massive support and positive response from the audience worldwide. Moreover, just after a few weeks of its release the cast officially declared a season 2 on their verified page!. The ending of season 1 has quite left the audience in a maze. It’s quite hard to choose who to ship the female lead with when both the guys are so sincere.

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Never Have I Ever Season 1 in a nutshell:

The story revolves around Devi Vishwakumar, a native Tamil living in Sherman Oaks, California. Her freshman year wasn’t exactly a memorable one with Devi losing her father Mohan, the person closest to her. Of course, it didn’t stop there, the trauma also made her unable to use her legs for a few months.

I think the all over key to season 1 and Devi’s journey so far was truly knowing the worth of her best friends and family.

Devi then decides to make this year will be the best year for her. She plans to have a better social status, a hot boyfriend, and quite literally chill and have fun. However, things of-course didn’t go as planned, she asked the hottest guy of college to sleep with him. In spite of all the changes, she plans to work towards she finds herself in quite a dilemma. She’s unable to manage friends, family, and guy problems altogether with school and decides to slowly mend it all.

Paxton Yoshida Hall, the most desirable guy says yes to Devi’s offer but she later realizes she actually ain’t ready. Nevertheless, they end having quite a close bond and somehow Paxton later comes to realize his true feelings for her. She also comes to discover her childhood rival, Ben isn’t as bad and somehow ends up being grateful to him.

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Never Have I Ever Season 2: Paxton or Ben for Devi?

Never have I ever season one ending with Devi and Ben kissing cause left the audience in a dilemma. Alongside this Paxton also is shown realizing hoe he deeply feels for him. Indeed choosing between two too-good guys is tough!

Reasons why it’s almost a win for Ben Gross!?

1, Devi and Ben have sworn enemies and would have been so if not for the past few days they spent together. They only managed to get past their misunderstandings because of it otherwise Devi would still be cursing Ben. For this let’s just give Ben the needed credits for keeping her over when she left home.

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2. Devi and Ben quite click on a lot of their interest and are quite comfortable around each other. The part which best shows how their thought matches are debate competition they chose to work on together. Yes, it didn’t quite work out but Ben did sincerely mean it all.


3. Ben somehow has a good impression on Devi’s mom. So this makes things easier for both Ben and Devi. There are just more chances that Devi’s stern mother lets her date with approval. This is quite tough if it’s Paxton, her mom isn’t particularly fond of him.

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4. Ben has always been fond of Devi and it has been shown in several instances. Though Ben gives a cold shoulder to her he still cares about Devi. We know from moments like where he low-key got jealous of Devi giving attention to another boy. Instead, he chooses to laugh it off and passing comments to discourage her to do such stuff. He might actually have liked Devi too, he actually tried to be friends with her during the debate as well as at his party. Not to forget how he actually tried to kiss Devi twice at the party.

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Literally tried kissing!

5. Ben has never meant any harm to Devi and has quite sincerely been there for her though they always fight. He actually admires their close-knit family and is thrilled by the warm family feel. He got super emotional having a meal at her place, so you know our cute boy has a tender heart too.

Literally the savior moments!

Reasons why it actually should be Paxton Yoshida Hall instead?

1, Paxton firstly really truly feels for her. However, he realizes it a bit late yet he has also been quite sincere and supportive of her regardless. He’s always been there for her, may it be jumping in the pool to save her or to save her from a coyote. He even stayed with her in the hospital and made her feel fine.

2. He has always liked Devi for totally who she is. May it be her in a saree or in the midst of an embarrassing happening. He truly admires her as a person.

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Stayed with her throughout!

3. Our handsome swimmer has quite a lot to himself like his insecurity about his sister. He actually ends up having a rather comfortable air around Devi and is fine with her knowing about his sister. He actually calls on her first when he needed help with his sister’s work. This shows how he was letting in Devi in his personal space and was comfortable being him around her.

4. He’s quite frank and straight forward with his actions. He jumped into the pool to save her without thinking twice. He says what’s on his mind, whether he likes a thing or not. This kind of help reduces the chances of misunderstandings which is quite vital considering how Devi is quick to assume.

He’s always been there and they managed to have a comfortable air around each other.

5. Most importantly Paxton is single. I mean he likes Devi and is single and almost the perfect guy unlike Ben who has a girlfriend. The fact is Ben has a girlfriend and still tries kissing Devi and in the last episode, they actually kiss. I mean regardless of purer he is in heart, what he did is cheat his current girlfriend. If from the very beginning he did like Devi he should have never dated another girl. This shows how weak-minded and confused Ben is. He can’t literally speak his mind, unlike Paxton who does.

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Who’s it gonna be then?

One thing we know my never have i ever season 1 is that we definitely have two gem of boys. It’s quite normal for things to go wrong at times but both truly care about Devi. Regardless of whether team Ben wins or team Paxton i legit want her to stay friends with both.

After all Never have i ever is more about Devi than anybody else. In the first place she wanted a boyfriend because she wanted to live her life to the fullest. But i think it’s more of a journey of Devi to find self love instead. From the very beginning it’s shown how Devi has had a hard time and she wants to just have fun and enjoy. To have a social status, boyfriend and chilling in parties aren’t going to make things fun suddenly. Moreover she already almost lost her dearest friends in this rush of being cool and now she exactly knows what she needs, Knowing what’s truly worth it is just the right path she’s on.

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