Narcos: Life Of Biggest Narco Ever Accompanied By Some Facts


Narcos is a Netflix original Chronicles with 3 seasons, based on true events of the biggest drug lord in the world Pablo Escobar.

We came up with the rise and fall of the gangster with some drooling facts.


Pablo Escobar addressing the masses.

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, “The King of Cocaine,” was a Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist and is the wealthiest criminal in history. Born on 1st December 1949, in the small town of Rionegro, Columbia. 

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The son of a farmer, “Abel,” and a school teacher, “Hermilda,” began his life of crime while still a teenager. Pablo was the 2nd of 7 children who were raised in a middle-class environment in the community that was fueled by the cocaine and marijuana trade.

 Although not everyone participated in the drug business, they all had a powerful incentive to protect those who did. 

Before starting school, the family moved to Envigado so that Hermilda can establish an elementary school there. Adel sold the farm and took a job as a neighborhood watchman.

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At school, Pablo proved himself as an able and quick-witted student. He was talented in all ball sports and a special love for soccer.

The king of Narcos was always a rebel.

 As a teen accompanied by other people, he used to indulge in stone-pelting on police. He became a part of a youth culture movement, which encouraged young people to film their noses at the established order of society. They use to disobey their parents and set their own rules. 

But marijuana addiction grabbed him to the dark light and started consuming Escobar.

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A couple of months before reaching his 17th birthday, he dropped out of school, bored with the straight routine and keen to make his own way in the world.

 He then started making money by repairing bicycles and recycling them. Reselling tombstones was his initial crime.

Whereas stealing cars resulted in his first arrest. He ended up spending several months in jail, which was to him a very positive experience. 

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Pablo’s jail experience

Further continuation of crimes by the age of 22, Pablo was a millionaire already. It was in this jail that he learned how to move into bigger criminal activity, including kidnapping and drug trafficking, or as they called “POISON.”


Once back on the street, Pablo went right back to stealing cars. He was the only one stealing cars in Medellin, which led to the extension of his operation.

 He then started kidnapping and killing people to inject his fear in the minds of people. Pablo decided to specialize in the kidnapping business for his own sake. Along with his mates, he nabbed a rich businessman, “Diego,” who was disliked by many of the poor workers in Medellin.

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 Despite his family agreed to a 50,000 ransom demand, he was beaten, strangled, and dumped in a ditch.even after performing these crimes, he was considered a god among the local people.

 Strangely, they all saw the killings as Pablo striking a blow to Social Equality. 

Modern-day robin-hood.

He came from a low-income family, and he had a soft corner for the ones below the poverty line. In his life span, he ended up constructing churches, football fields, schools, and hospitals for the poor.

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In 1971, Pablo started drug trafficking as he decided that he wanted more of a slice of a pie for himself. He drove to Ecuador and brought 5kilograms of cocaine paste. He next contacted various fellow criminals to set up his sale to a local cocaine chief called “Fabio.” 

This sale was the first step to set himself firmly on the path of becoming a high-end drug dealer. Fabio was executed, and Pablo was designated as the man of the Medellin cocaine operation.

 Everyone believed that Pablo was the one to murder him, but it was never proven. Shortly after muscling his way to the top of the Medellin cocaine operation, Pablo married 15-year-old Maria victoria Helena Vallejo.

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Pablo Escobar with his wife Maria

The cocaine trade from Panama through Columbia and into the United States boomed in the late 1970s, with most trafficked through his organization.

 Under Pablo, the cocaine industry became streamlined. He purchased a fleet of airplanes, including a jet to transport drugs into the US, where there were plenty of willing buyers.

Within the two months of his marriage, he was arrested accompanied by four others where they were on a drug run. He further bribed the judge, assisted with his case, and walked free.

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Narcos: Pablo Escobar’s love for soccer

 Pablo was able to use his millions to take possessions of every step of his operation, traveling to Peru, Bolivia, and Panama and buying up all the cultivation farms and processing plants.

1980 came as a prime time for Escobar in narcos. With every law enforcement agency under him, he was the unofficial king of Medellin. He owned multiple mansions, racing cars, helicopters, planes, and was constantly surrounded by the bodyguards. 

Discos and restaurants were built with an immense amount of pace. One of Pablo’s passion was soccer, and now he was able to indulge in it. He paid to have football fields leveled and sodded with lights so that he and his crew could play whenever they want. 

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Pablo Escobar encouraging young football talent.

Pablo began tending his public image by disapproval from his side that he was anyhow related to drugs or the narcos. He consciously cultivated his image as a freedom fighter for the underprivileged. He also poured millions of dollars into the social construction of football fields.

Plata o Plomo

The Colombian drug lord was famous for this as this means silver or lead, which is a metaphor as he offers the option of taking a bribe or to die.

Silver is referred to as bribe or money, where lead is referred to as his bullet.

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 He was also able to buy all the enforcement agencies in every country by just blackmailing all the officials associated with it. 

A SHORT SPAN IN POLITICS: fighting extradition 

Escobar successfully ran for Congress in Colombia 

The drug lord of narcos was elected as a substitute city councilor in Medellin city. Further, in 1982  he was elected to congress as a substitute when the primary delegate from Medellin was unavailable. A major perk of which was now Pablo had judicial immunity. 

One of the acquisitions he made was the personal army. When a family friend was kidnapped, he created a private militia to hunt them down. His army was known as DEATH TO KIDNAPPERS. 

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Though he was a popular citizen of Medellin, when he tried to gain the favor of polite Colombian society, he was not welcomed. They viewed him as he really was- a criminal. 

After a while, when he turned up to take his seat in Congress as an alternative, he ended up getting pointed by Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara for all his criminal activities.

Some of the brave newspapers also revealed his criminal side in their papers.

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$1000 per week on rubber bands 

Yes, you heard me right, during the peak of his business, he was number 7 on the Forbes list, and his brother stated that they had an insane amount of money.

They have spent $1000 a week on rubber bands to tie their stacks of cash together.


He was now kicked out of the party, and the US embassy revoked his diplomatic visa. His political career was now in ruins. The US President announced the major crackdown on the cocaine trade.

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 Further, the Colombian government was willing to shake hands with the American government to go after Narcos kingpins, where Pablo was the biggest fish in the ocean.

Pablo then skipped the country to Panama City, where they were not welcomed by the Panama authorities. His Narco labs were raided by the authorities.

After a few weeks, he was desperate to go back home. Meanwhile, he was hearing that his absence from Columbia was undermining his control on the Medellin cartel. 

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The kidnapping of his 73-year-old father was the saturation point for him in narcos. Pablo then ordered killings in Medellin. Dozens of suspected kidnappers were gunned down. Finally, he was released. 


He then returned to Columbia and was determined to take on the state with everything he had. In Medellin, he was powerful, having bought off every official. 

Pablo’s vengeful focus was now centered on the judiciary, especially the judges who supported the US’s extradition treaty. 

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More than 30 judges were shot dead. In November 1985, the guerrilla group M-19, having been paid millions of dollars by Pablo, stormed the place of justice and held the entire Supreme Court hostage. 11 of the 24 justices, along with 40 rebels, were killed.

In August 1989, Pablo’s kills squads gunned down both the front running presidential candidate  Luis Galan and a state police chief. 

Burned $2 MILLION for daughter.

King of narcos “Pablo” was on the run from the authorities with his family, and later, he realized his daughter was feeling cold and was suffering from hypothermia.

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Which resulted in the burning of 2 million of hard cash just to keep his daughter and family warm

Pablo Escobar with daughter Manuela.


Narcos: Exile in a Luxurious jail

Pablo was the man constantly on the run. He always stayed ahead, but he was growing tired of the constant relocations. 

Eventually, he agreed to negotiate.

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He agreed to end the violence, stop all the criminal activities, and hand himself in.

In exchange, he demanded preferential treatment in the prison of his choosing and a reduced settlement. 

Hence Pablo was duly arrested. Sentence of la Catedral was started in by June 1991.

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The luxury prison included a field of football, a bar, and a Jacuzzi. All the prison guards were employees of Pablo. The prison cells were no less than hotel suites, and the food they ate was brought in from a fine restaurant. 

Criminal activities further coped up in prison only. This was hence the violation of the surrender agreement, and there were moves to seize him and move him to a regular prison.

Pablo’s death still a mystery.

Pablo’s connections were then able to escape him from the authorities before they can get to him. 

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The hunt for Pablo was now back on, and the US and Colombian authorities joined together and killed almost 300 people who were connected to Pablo or his organization. 

 He was caught in Los Olivos via radio intercepts. Pablo was struck several times in the leg, but the fatal shot penetrated his skull. 

On confirming his target, the leader of the operation spoke excitedly into his radio-

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“Viva la Columbia – we have just killed Pablo Escobar!”

But had they?

Pablo had always stated to his family; if there will be a situation where he knows he will die, he would rather crush his skull with his own bullet.

Many people believe that he did so, once more, escaping the clutches of the Colombian authorities.

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