My Hero Academia’s Gang Orca: Interesting Things You Never Knew!


My Hero Academia’s Gang Orca Season 5 is now confirmed by the officials, when it comes to action manga name of this show tops the chart.

Kohel Horikoshi killed it in creating this roller coaster ride, my hero academia covers a huge number of lovers all over the world, and sometimes it is also compared with dc and marvel.


Comparison with such big names is a compliment itself, in terms of rating it comes with an 8.5/10IMDB rating, 4.8/5 Google rating,  100% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

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Surely you can get an idea that how big is this by the numbers, moreover the character itself is super interesting.

where orca is like a whale-like animal character, named after a killer whale. This manga with animal characteristics spice up the whole concept and there are numerous staggering facts you should know about orca.

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My Hero Academia’s Gang Orca: His love for kids is never-ending

A strict teacher, yet loves his students so much. One thing which orca can’t ignore or deny is that his immense love for the kids.


He likes it when someone utters that they like to become like him which is a softer side of him we can encounter.


Orca’s affection towards kids is a blessing to watch and experience, where he wants them to rise and shine as it is the coming generation of the world.

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Orca’s costume is nothing but a suit.


A collar shape teeth and pink tie which depicts a tongue-like suit is what orca wear, it’s nothing fancy like his mates or colleagues.

During his active duty, his aim is to focus on what he does rather than what he looks like.

His white suit and a collar which brings u till chin is what he wears to fulfill the duties.

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Heat is marked as his weak link.

Fire is an enemy of heat so does heat does it to orca, being an amphibian and oceanic superhero things doesn’t go well when heat traps him.

We have seen when Shoto Todoroki trapped him in his fire prison which was painful for the orca.

My Hero Academia’s Gang Orca: He is swift as a blink.

Despite being huge in size, our hero Orca shifts, moves and reacts so quickly that one can’t believe that someone of that size can react that quickly.

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His swiftness can be seen during a one-on-one, hands -on-hands with Todoroki, where he fooled him with his fast movements and skills.

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