Mission Impossible 7 & 8: UK Release Date, Cast, and Plot


All that needs to be known about Tom Cruise returning to the MI team is here. Hang on for a Lil while to get every detail on Mission Impossible 7.

Mission impossible 7: When will it air?

Mission Impossible 7 is set to premiere on November 19, 2021. It was earlier dropping on July 23 but due to the pandemic crisis, the filming was halted. Well, the good news is that Mission Impossible 7 and 8 were being filmed back to back so we can expect the eighth part to hit the cinemas somewhere in November 2022, considering at least a year gap in both parts.

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The eight parts long Mission Impossible franchise is all set to break the theatre screens with it’s the new installment to the series. After Mission Impossible Fallout in 2018, the franchise earned huge success and acclaim.

The American series is set to break the theatre screens with a new sense of suspense, drama, and thriller. But, the mission will seem impossible without our favorite, witty, heroic, and powerful Ethan Hunt. Right? For this, good news lies for fans who are eagerly waiting for the Mission Impossible sequel. The Director of the film Christopher McQuarrie has assured Tom Cruise’s presence in the main leads in the next installment of the film.

Tom Cruise has recently been going through a hard time due to back-to-back shoots and a few strange controversies doing rounds in the media. Rumors about the production planning to blow up a 111-year old Polish Bridge also went amongst the public, to which McQuarrie completely denied.

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Other members in the cast list in the previous part of the film are also set to return to the team. More names are yet to be revealed in the coming days and weeks.

The first two movies in the series focused mostly on Cruise, while the third and fourth installments came up describing aspects that were to be lined up with Rogue Nation. In the latest piece, viewers saw the character trying to regain his years of strength to perform daring stunts to save the world, putting his own life in danger, which ended with his reconciliation with his ex-wife, Julia.

Benji (Simon Pegg)

Simon Pegg who is seen in a warm, vibrant, comic role, one who is always ready for a reaction shot whenever Ethan is putting his life on the line, provided a warm and comfort-giving presence in the previous installments of the film series. He was always shown as a pillar of support, motivation, and key assistance for the character. Benji, who was seen celebrating with the team after Fallout’s success, shall be expected to be there for Ethan Hunt once more in this new addition to the spy series.

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Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson)

Being both a friend and foe to Ethan Hunt in Rogue Nation, Isla Faust has since played an essential role in the franchise and it is calming to know about her presence in the next film as well.

White Widow (Vanessa Kirby)

Vanessa who was seen for the first time in the last part of the  franchise has left a notable and remarkable impact on the audience and is now set to be back with another power- packed performance in the upcoming sequel.

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Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames)

The presence of the character of this expert computer hacker who always has the right points to make, has officially been confirmed for the upcoming sequel. He is considered to be one of the best aspects and constant players in the MI edition.

Eugene Kittridge (Henry Czerny)

The long-lost Czerny who was last seen in a memorable part in the original part of the movie in 1996 is said to be a part of the film. As Director Christopher McQuarrie revealed on his Instagram, he will reprise the role as Eugene in the MI sequel.

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There is much of excitement among fans and critics as to what new and different storyline will the cast come up with in this sequel. Do you have any guesses about the upcoming story of the film? Let us know in the comment section.

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