Magatsu Wahrheit: Release Date, Plot, Preview, Spoilers and More


Magatsu Wahrheit is yet another video game that was later adopted as an anime. Originally KLab developed and published this smartphone multiplayer online role-playing game. Yokohama Animation Laboratory produced the anime adaptation in form of a television series. It premiered this fall, starting October 13, 2020.

Plot of Magatsu Wahrheit

The main story revolves around our two main leads Leocadio Weller and Innumael Groener. Both our main leads are residents of Wahrheit Empire and living separate lives. However, both plan to relocate themselves to the capital city.

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While Innumael is a shy and timid person and Leocadio is quite the naive one. Innumael loves his sister but he has to leave her behind at his parent’s place and work as a transporter. Leocadio Weller on the other hand is a na├»ve soldier of the Wahrheit Empire.

The whole empire and world face a devastating experience just because of the smuggling of the product. It’s the return and rise of a deadly monster ‘light.

The reappearance of ‘Light’ was a disaster for the empire with uncountable people getting wiped of existence. Innumael and Leocadio get entangled to the fate of the empire.

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Episode 3 Spoilers: Airing this Tuesday!
Death of a person definitely takes a toll on people. Leo or Leocadio is shaken by the death of Zaits and the one to stab Zaits is Innumael. Both Innumael and Leocadio are totally devastated at this point as Innumael has never killed anyone and Leo lost Zaits.
This leads to Leo madly searching for Innumael for revenge.

Magatsu Wahrheit:

In the hassle, a lot of smugglers managed to getaway except one. Innumael decides to get the arrested out before he spills anything. Disguised as a captain, Innumael enters the army base to get the arrested one out.

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He successfully manages to enter and divert the crowd toward by saying that there’s a fire being caused. Leo and Innumael cross paths at this point and Leo suspects the disguised Innumael to be lying about the fire.

Regardless Leo decides to leave and in that time Innumael gets and hold of the arrested and pulls off the flee.

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