Lucifans greatest concerns: why can’t the morning star say those three magical words?


Lucifer  CLEARLY loves Chloe, there should be no second thoughts about it, he made it clear when he said; “it was always you, Chloe”. Not to mention the Innumerable set of deeds he’s done to prove it. So it’s a little uncalled for Chloe having this indecisive contemplation about his feelings towards her by not expressing head-on. Lucifans have been eagerly waiting for the devil to come out straight to her lady love but seems like there’s more to lucifer than just a straightforward  Devil.

All the answers of Lucifans concerns


 Chloe: Derivation of her skepticism

 BUT there is always a flip of a coin which is unexplored and from her perspective, you can see where it is coming from,

It makes sense, He’s a celestial, to which she sometimes feels insignificant next to. Whereas her biggest concern is that Lucifer might forget her and leave to return to hell. 

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Then with everything going on with his mojo returning and becoming invulnerable again, that’s what makes her question numerously what’s really happening here. 

In her head, she was the most important aspect in his life but that feeling is constantly fading away. Clearly Lucifans can see him becoming emotionally weak.

Somewhere he is scared, what if something devastating happens to her?

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 Immortality: one of the biggest concerns of lucifer

Whereas, everything happening with his vulnerability and mojo is a sign that he might not be immortal for so long. If he is he got no other options except to push her back, one of his biggest fears, and that’s why he isn’t allowing Chloe in. 

But on the other hand, his weakness was being vulnerable around her but his control was replenished by his mojo, but when he gets it back it isn’t vulnerable anymore.


Instead of a weak link, Chloe turns out to be the massive strength he got, there are some chances of him relinquishing all his power and control just to be a mortal with her.

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There was time he called her his ‘first and only love’ 

is just as vigorous as ‘i love you’.

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