Lucifer Season 5: Is Chloe in love with Michael? Trailer Out!

Lucifer season 5
Season 5 of Lucifer with its main leads.

Hola Binge-watchers! Hold your popcorn tub as the devil is back with another season which is all set to suck you in with its romance, action, and suspense. Well, when it comes to the devil we cannot expect anything less than this. In the last season, we saw the devil sacrificing his love for saving the earth from demons but will lucifer be able to save his lady love from his twin brother Michael who is, of course, more smarter more stronger, and more deadlier than him?

In this article, we will discuss the plot details of the sixth season, its renewal status, trailer, and airdate, and our ultimate question.

Lucifer is an American series that contains a hell lot of Crime, Drama, and Fantasy as it shows the story of a servant of hell Lucifer Morningstar. Season 1 of this series was released back in the year 2016 directed by Len Wiseman.

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Tom Ellis in Lucifer

When will you get a chance to see Lucifer: When will it air?

Lucifer season 5 was announced by the official Twitter handle of See What’s Next on July 21, 2020. Later on, Netflix announced that the fallen angel will return with the first part of the fifth season of Lucifer on coming August 21, 2020. Netflix announced the premiere date and they also released the video of 66.6 seconds in which they show some of Lucifer’s greatest hits, which we can say is a form of showing love or tribute to the fallen angel. Lucifer Morningstar as it mostly includes his sexiest, hottest, and most devilish moments.

Lucifer: Plot Details

It’s been over a year now since the show dropped it’s season 4 and from then fans are getting excited day by day assuming and creating fan theories of what will happen in the net season?,will Lucifer return to the earth or welcome everyone in hell as the original poster says “SEE YOU IN HELL”.Netflix is doing a great job by teasing the fans with posters, trailers, or teasers of season 5 as season 4 was successful in creating a huge hype in the market.

The trailer of season 5 released by Netflix on June 22, 2020, was a shock to the fans of Lucifer Morningstar as it reveals that Lucifer is replaced by his own twin brother Micheal. Dealing with Micheal is not a cup of tea for anyone so LAPD comes into action so quickly as they notice that something is wrong and all we have to see is whether they’ll crack the case before the devil Micheal destroys everything which is built by his own twin-brother Lucifer Morningstar or not?

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Lucifer: Who will be the star? Is Eve coming back?

  • *Tom Ellis appears as Lucifer Morningstar, The Lord of Hell
  • *Kevin Rankin played as Detective Malcolm Graham, A police officer
  • *Lauren German acts as Detective Chloe Decker
  • *Kevin Alejandro played as Detective Daniel Espinoza, A homicide detective
  • *Aimee Garcia acts as Ella Lopez, A forensic scientist
  • *Rachael Harris appears as Dr. Linda Martin, a psychotherapist
  • *Kevin Alejandro as Detective Dan Espinoza.
  • *DB Woodside as Amenadiel.
  • *Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen.
  • *Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza.
  • Yes, Lucifer’s ex-girlfriend, Eve is coming back!

Lucifer: Do we have a trailer?

Netflix dropped the trailer of the 5th season of a hit American crime, fantasy, drama series Lucifer on June 22, 2020. Fans finally get to know about season 5 after almost a year wait and Netflix also revealed that the 5th season will premiere in 2 parts as there is an addition of episodes, there will be a total of 16 episodes. Each part will carry 8 episodes each, the first part is all set to release on coming august 21,2020.

In the 5th line-up of the series “Secrets will be revealed, beloved characters will die, and we’ll finally get an answer to the question, ‘Will they or won’t they? mark the date august 21,2020 and be ready with a bucket of caramel popcorns.

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Lucifer: Is it renewed for the sixth season?

Yes!, Lucifer has officially been renewed for season 6. The first half of the 5th season which contains 8 episode will premier on August 21, 2020, and the next part will be launched after a short break to create more suspense, Netflix confirmed that the show will be coming back for one extra – and final – season.

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“The devil made us do it. #Lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final,” said the tweet.

Now it is the time for the ultimate question: Is Chloe in love with Michael?

Image Source: Netflix

In a trailer clip released by Netflix, we get to see a very shocking scene as a kiss happening between Michael (twin-brother of the lord of hell Lucifer) and Chloe and the situation starts to heat up. The relationship between Lucifer and Chloe was quite complicated in all four seasons starting from suspicion and then ultimately leading to “just friends”. There was confusion between both of them but Chloe finally revealed her feelings for the Lord of hell.

Lucifer Morningstar in the fourth season had to leave earth and to rule the hell again. In order to regain his powers over Hell and save his family. Season 5 trailer reveals that the game will change and the reunion of love birds Lucifer and Chloe will not be done so easily as Michael, the twin brother of Lucifer, is coming to disrupt everything.

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Michael will surely pose as Lucifer and fool everyone for his benefit, now we have to see the purity of love she posses for Lucifer,.Will she gets to know the reality of Michael or will she be another victim of Michael’s cunningness?

We saw Chloe suspecting change in Lucifer’s behavior (Michael). Now we hope she read between the lines and figure out who playing with her love before she falls in love with Micahel

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