Lucifer Season 5: D.B Woodside shoots down all the rumours about the final season


Lucifer star D.B. Woodside denied any reports claiming  that the recently-announced season of the series would consist of eight episodes. TV Line was the one who started this controversial story, who heard from a production source that eight would be the exact number of episodes.The article now has to say there will be 10 more episodes after the actor’s tweet.

“Ummmm… I don’t think that’s correct,”

D.B Woodside rubbished the gossips about the next season

D.B Woodside wrote when he saw the story on Twitter, tagging the culprit behind the controversy, TV Line. He expressed his confusion with a GIF of Will Smith looking unconvinced. Makers have not hinted fans with any further details to this but fans hope the season to be longer. Otherwise, this would turn out to be the show’s shortest season yet.

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Woodside’s tweet caused an up and down within the Lucifer fandom online over the last few days, gaining large amount of reaction through likes and retweets. Although no comments have been made by the makers and the cast but the other members of the team are expected to sign in. Lucifans are now turning head over heels to know about the accurate information about the series.

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All about Lucifer Season 5:

The urban fantasy crime-drama stars Tom Ellis as the demon himself, denoted by the name Lucifer Morningstar while he is on earth. He leaves hell to open a club in Los Angeles but ends up getting entangled with LAPD Detective Chloe Decker (Laura German), and helping her to solve crimes and save the city.

Lucifer began airing on Fox back in 2016, where it went from a half-season to a full season order before the time it was canceled. Recognizing the dedicated viewership of the series, Netflix chose to air it on in 2019, funding the Season 4, that was 10 episodes long, and the two-part Season 5. Part 2 will apparently be of the same length as Part 1.

As for the Season 6 that fans are eager for, will apparently be 10 episodes long. It is still a long way to go, however, fans are keen on knowing how long will the be able to enjoy their loved web series. Prior to that, they are waiting for the rest of the Season 5 to be released soon.

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Fill the comment section with your views about the series and its predictions. What do you think D.B Woodside wanted to say?

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