Love island USA: Breakup before marriage? Johnny’s lies are exposed!

Love Island: Participants are ready to play games for love

There is always trouble when there are many lovers and there is more trouble when someone’s lover does the trouble with someone else. It’s confusing, right? well, yes it is quite confusing and you guys might be thinking what he’s talking about?

Love island is a kind of matchmaking show which takes place during sizzling summer. On this show, there are a group of men and women who participate or perform different task to find their true love.

Who is Johnny Mitchell: What’s the matter?

johnny Middlebrooks is a 22-year-old student of business management from Chesapeake, Virginia. he is also a track and field star. He appeared at the end of the premiere of Love Island season 2 and he seems like a player as suddenly he tries to steel Cely Vazquez who is coupled up with Tree Fortee.On the show, he described himself as a romantic person who treats his girlfriends like queens. Seems just like a simple cool dude?

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well, you might be more interested to know about his Ex fiancee! Yes, Tori Stenson is claiming that he is a total liar! She said he didn’t tell her about doing Love Island Season 2 until a week before the shooting of the show.

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Tori shared several videos of Johnny with her. In one video it is clearly visible that Johnny is on his knees and proposing to Tori in some music festival.

She even wrote “When i see my ex on love island saying he treats girls like queens like he didn’t tell me about it a week before he left.” on one of her TikTok video .

not only on TikTok she even posted a photograph with him and wrote a caption ” Alexa play thank u, next. “

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