Love Guranteed What is it about?


Hola Binge watchers, As we know Netflix is very good at its cheesy rom-com. Netflix’s Love Guaranteed is an amazing way to distract your mind which is full of things. In Love Guaranteed Susan who is a lawyer is trying to save her small law firm. On the other hand, Nick who is a single guy who is finding love in a dating website called Love Guaranteed.

After dating 986 via this website he’s fed up with online dating. He makes his best efforts to find one but he couldn’t poor Nick. So he decided to sue it and he enlists Susan, who is an assiduous attorney to sue this dating website who guarantees love.

Interesting right. But when Susan talks about using this website. She told her colleagues that he had never tried online dating and then one of them answer that you can’t win a case over something you know nothing about. And then she also tried dating online and she had a very bad experience.

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Love Guaranteed: When will it air?

Well, the wait for the romantic comedy is almost over fellas as Netflix is dropping Love Guaranteed on September 3, 2020.

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Love Guaranteed: Who is staring?

  • Damon Waynes Jr. as Nick
  • Richeal Leigh Cook as Susan The Lawyer
  • Heather Joan Graham as Tamara Taylor
  • Jed Rees as Bill Jones
  • Lisa Durupt as Denise
  • Clare Filipow as Hostess
  • Christian Sloan as Lawyer bro
  • Brendan Taylor as Gideon
  • Lauren McGibbon as a waitress
  • Quynh Mi as Rita Wu
  • Kallie Hu as Micah
  • Sasha Hayden as Hipster Barista
  • Sebastian Billingsley as Oliver
  • Kiomi Pyke as Barista
  • Milo Shandel as Dr. Rossmore

Do we have Trailer yet?

Fortunately, we do have a trailer for ya guys. Do have a look.

Thanks for watching keep in touch with us for more updates.

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